April 29, 2013

The Arrival of BABY KATE!!!

Monday morning, we met up with some of the kids and had lunch at Bajio while waiting to hear how Tannya's C-section was going.  Brandon and Tannya had planned to have the C-section, and birth of Baby Kate on the one year anniversary date (that we recognize...not the death certificate!) of Denzel's death date. We thought it the tenderest of blessings, and gave us something to look forward, and not just dread this date.

While we were eating I received an unexpected text:  "6 lbs. 12 oz.  18.5 inches long"  That doctor worked FAST!!  We hurried to finish eating, sent the girls on their way to look for some wedding reception dresses, and Rod and I took Dezmond with US, as we dashed over to McKay-Dee Hospital!!

Dezmond had a bit of a "meltdown" when Tannya's dad took him so we could possibly go in.  After several minutes I went to check on Dezmond, and he was "undone!"  So I took him out to the corridor which bordered Tannya's room.  I rocked him to sleep and stood there looking at the window, visualizing what was going on inside.

Suddenly, my eyes focused on the little slit where the blinds were raised a couple of inches. Brandon's eyes were looking at me.  Then they left, and after a second another set of eyes appeared next to Brandon's...he was holding Baby Kate right next to him and I could barely see both of them through that narrow slit!!  It was SO cool.  I gave Brand a "thumbs up" and then he left the window.

As I stood there enjoying this tender little "first glimpse" of my granddaughter, I was suddenly hit with a dump truck of emotion...the "load" being "I'll never see Denzel's eyes so happy, holding up a baby of his own, so proud, and so fulfilled."  And it spiraled down from there as tears started pouring down my face.  Dezmond's blanket was now being used as a mop rag for my tears.  About this time Rod came out, and I told him of my emotional experience.  It caused him some tenderness, too, but then  shared a different perspective as he said, "But perhaps there really is a spiritual correlation here.  What if Denzel is 'peeking' through the veil trying to get our attention, saying 'Can you see me?  I'm here!  I see you!!  I am happy, and I AM a part of your lives.  I love you.  I miss you.  But I DO see you!'"  I was very moved by the analogy!  And even MORE SO when I saw the pictures.

HOW did I ever see Brandon's eyes through that tiny slit??  And yet I did, as clearly as when the blind was pulled up as a comparison.  I will always remember this very poignant moment!

If you zoom in on the picture you
can see Brandon and Baby Kate!!


We LOVE our Baby Kate and we are SOOOOOO happy for Tannya, Brandon and Nikki!!

April 28, 2013

MEMORIES. . . .Making and Remembering!

(It's June 11th and I'm FINALLY writing about Denzel's death anniversary...I still haven't ever finished writing in my journal about when he died...I better not put THIS off!!)

Sunday afternoon, after celebrating Sean's birthday, Rod and I packed and headed up to Salt Lake City.  We met all the kids (except Jaimi and Elder Hunt), plus Tony and Sammy at the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery where Denzel is buried.

It was SO good to be there together.  Rod played several pieces on his Native American Flute;Kristy and Amelia did an impromptu "interpretive dance" that I'm sure Denzel was laughing just as hard at as the rest of us.  It was "perfect!"
We shared pizza, and watermelon; licorice and Wheat Thins; Oatmeal Pies, and Casco Ice Cream Bars!          
It was a beautiful evening, but got chilly as the sun set.

The strength of our family, sharing, loving, caring altogether is such a strength and security 
to me, and Rod and to our entire family.

Sean's Birthday. . .

We invited Sean Colmenero and Rochelle and the girls to church with us on the 28th, and for dinner afterwards...didn't realize it was his birthday on the 28th until late Saturday night.  I felt kind of badly that he may have felt "obligated" to be with us...but we had a really enjoyable time at church and THEN we came home and had lunch, AND had a traditional HUNT TREASURE HUNT for Sean!!  It was great, and I think he really liked the tradition. (I'm sure Denzel must have been cracking a smile watching Sean hunt for his clues!!)

Initially, I worried about the gift we had for Sean...thought he might think it was dumb.

But then I thought about it and realized it was the PERFECT gift for him!!

I just happened to have an unopened DVD of "The Testaments" and a box of Mike n Ikes candy.  Sounds like a good gift to me:  candy and a movie!!


Fresh blackberry pie-cake!!  YUM!!!

Apparently Sean liked the gift too!!

Rod and I were also SO excited to hear the news that Sean had proposed to Rochelle earlier in the morning, before they came to church...and she said "YES!"   Wahoo!!  We are so happy for them!!

April 26, 2013


My "Lawn Experiment" before I kill ALL the grass in the backyard. . .   

 I    Rod!

And Dad was so surprised when he realized what the lawn said!!
Not too bad for my first time of "Round Up" drawing...

April 21, 2013

FAMILY TRAITS (Admiration) LIST - June 2011

Remember when we were all up north with our family...and we had taken the time to write down the traits we admired most in each other?  And remember how I was going to compile them, and send them out to everyone, but never did???  Well, I came across the file where I had started compiling everything in July 2011, just after Denzel was deployed to Iraq the second time.  There seemed to always be something demanding my time, and I never finished.  Suddenly, Denzel was home, right before Christmas. . .they didn't make it down...but we all (except Jaimi and fam) made it up for a special Valentine's Dinner together...then there was Dallin's knee surgery, and Denzel's knee surgery...and then Denzel's death.

With it being one week before the 1st anniversary of Denzel's death, I thought it would be nice to remember the things that were written at that time.  (It was especially sweet to read the things Denzel wrote about each member of our family!)


I love how my husband is perfect for our family.  He is a great dad and a wonderful husband.  He is funny, and fun to be with.  He supports our family in all that we do, even if it’s something he isn’t really interested in.  He has always been a great example to me and to our family.  He honors his priesthood.  I am proud to be his wife!  (Mom)

He is always a wonderful provider and a great example of a good husband and father.  (Denzel)

Caring and compassionate.  (Anna)

Easy to talk to; I like his “dad jokes.” (Jaimi)

Great father, and hard worker (Mike)

His patience (Brandon)

Dad always has a kind and soft demeanor.  (Tannya)

I respect and admire Dad for how hard he works and his ability to persevere despite any obstacles.  He truly is someone that I desire to model my life after.  I am in constant need to thank him for his ongoing support and encouragement in each of my activities.  I am grateful for that.  I love you! (Kristy)

Dad is full of love, knowledge, kindness and genuine interest in the lives of those around him.  The best Dad any of us kids could’ve asked for! (Amelia)

Very loving and accepting (Hans)

I love that dad is always an example of what we believe.  I love that he has such a fun imagination and was always willing to tell us stories and play games with us.  I also love that he gives me a model for the type of husband I’d like to have someday! (Nat)

I love his kindness and willingness to listen (Dal)


I admire Trice’s deep commitment to the Lord and the Church.  She is willing to serve others including her family in so many ways.  I appreciate her love and loyalty to me and how she helps me to believe in myself and become better.  I admire her ability to care about others and to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost in helping them.  I admire her passion for horses and her willingness to help others with them.  I admire and appreciate her musical talents and enjoy listening to her play the piano.  She is also so willing to give of herself in helping others develop and share their musical talents.  I appreciate what a wonderful wife and mother she is. (Dad)

Mom is very ambitious, outgoing and a go-getter.  Always willing to give people a "chance".  (Denzel)

Easy to talk to. (Anna)

Full of advice; spontaneous (Jaimi)

Good with horses; hard worker (Mike)

I admire Mom’s ability to get things done/ make things happen. (Brandon)

Her sensitivity to the spirit. (Tannya)

It is so nice having someone who knows what I mean to say and what I’m thinking even when I don’t.  I am truly grateful for her constant support and brainpower in my behalf.  I think what I owe her will forever be in a state of so much that I will never break even.  I will always treasure our camping trip to Zions together the summer of 2010.  That was very memorable! (Kristy)

Always sharing insights that help bless the lives of her family.  A great example to everyone around her.  (Amelia)

She’s a great listener and fun to have conversations with. (Hans)

I love that she isn’t scared to speak her mind, even if it’s not what we want to hear.  I love that she is so full of life and willing to do fun things with us and have new adventures.  I love being able to joke around and laugh at all of our funny inside jokes and all of our memories we have. (Nat)

I love her motherly instinct of knowing everything that’s going on without even being told.  (Dal)


I admire Denzel for his willingness to serve our country and our God.  I admire his courage and the pride he shows for freedom.  I appreciate his work ethic and willingness to take care of Anna and Bridger.  He has a gentle heart and great loyalty to his family and friends. (Dad)

He is a very loyal man.  He values his family and his friends, and will do anything he can to help them.  He has a good heart and loves his Heavenly Father.  (Mom)

I'm awesome.  (Denzel)

Amazingly strong, intelligent and incredibly handsome.  (Anna)

 Always ready to help out if he can; compassionate  (Jaimi)

Hardworker (Mike)

His willingness and dedication to serve our country and protect our freedoms. (Brandon)

He loves his family and is always happy to see them/us. (Tannya)

I continue to look back on the days when we worked out together at Rezults with great fondness.  He taught me so much during that time and I was so grateful to be able to spend that time with my cool brother.  I respect him for his kindness, sincerity and genuine care for others.  I love you! (Kristy)

He may look tough on the outside, but he’s really a softie.  He is dedicated to his family and has so much love to share with those he cares about.  (Amelia)

Not as scary as I used to think he was (Hans)

I love how proud Denzel is of his family.  I love that he is always there to listen and give advice, and help you see things realistically.  I love that he always makes sure we all know how much he loves us! (Nat)

He is an amazing example and I love his willingness to protect our family/country. (Dallin)

ANNA (wife to Denzel)

I admire Anna for her diligence in continually striving to gain more knowledge and more marketable skills. She is capable and willing to work to help support her family.  I appreciate Anna’s sacrifice as Denzel is deployed and the courage she is showing.  She is a good wife and mother.  (Dad)

Anna has a lot of drive to accomplish her goals.  She knows what she wants and works hard to get it.  She loves Denzel and is working hard to support him in his military deployment, even though she misses him so much.  (Mom)

Wonderful wife who loves and supports me in all I do. (Denzel)

Supportive & hardworking (Jaimi)

Good mom and works hard (Mike)

She has great strength support Denzel while he is deployed. (Brandon)

She is always kind and thinks of others.  (Tannya)  
She is extremely smart, driven and ambitious, which are all things I greatly admire about her. (Kristy)

 She’s a great wife and mother. (Amelia)

Wonderful for putting up with a crazy family like the Hunts! (Hans)

I love that Anna is so successful and has so much education.  I love how dedicated she is to her family and how much she loves Denzel! (Nat)

She is fun to be around and cares about her family (Dallin)


I admire her for her strength and courage to raise her children in righteousness.  I appreciate that she is a good wife and mother and supports Mike in what he does.  I admire that she is striving to further family history by writing about experiences and learning more about our ancestors.  I appreciate how well she stays in touch living so far away.  (Dad)

Jaimi has  a lot of strengths and abilities.  She is a good mother and provides for her children physically, but also spiritually.  She has a happy disposition and enjoys being around others.  She isn’t afraid to work hard; and she’s willing to help others.  (Mom)

Good mother who takes good care of her children and is very family-oriented. (Denzel)

Nice (Anna)

Great wife and mom (Mike)

She always remembers birthdays/ special events and sends cards. (Brandon)

She is always so thoughtful and is a great mom. (Tannya)

Even though she is far from me, I know she is doing a great job with her young family.  I see the example she sets early on with prayer and scriptures.  That is so admirable.  I love talking to her on the phone and being the recipient of her encouragement and adulation (Kristy)

She is a happy person and fun to be around.  She is a hard worker and a great mom to Ben & Kristen.  (Amelia)

Very patient and loving with her children (Hans)

I love that Jaimi always has a smile on her face, and always is able to find the good in a situation.  I love how she always calls to talk with us and keeps us updated on the Family in TEXAS. (Nat)

I love how we both love movies (Dallin)

MIKE (husband to Jaimi)

 I admire Mike’s willingness to work hard to provide for his family.  I appreciate his kind manner as he takes care of Jaimi and the children.  I appreciate that he is a good husband and father.  (Dad)

Mike has a cheerful disposition and does his best to remain optimistic.  He works hard to provide for his family and to be a good example to them.  (Mom)

Treats Jaimi well and takes care of her and their family even when things are tough. (Denzel)

Friendly (Anna)

Hardworking; loving; supportive (Jaimi)

He is a happy person and likes to laugh. (Brandon)

He works hard for his family. And I can tell he loves them very much.(Tannya)

 I will always be grateful for the letters he wrote me while on my mission.  They were a joy to get and always made me laugh. (Kristy)

He’s a hard worker and full of love for his family. (Amelia)

Fun and loving father and a great husband to Jaimi (Hans)

I love that Mike works so hard to support his family.  I love to see how much he cares about Jaimi, and how dedicated he is to her and the kids. (Nat)
I love how he takes care of Jaimi and his family (Dallin)


 I admire Brandon’s hard work and diligence in getting his degrees and establishing himself as a valuable employee.  I admire his love and care for tannya and Nikki.  I appreciate his sense of humor and strong example.  (Dad)

Brandon – He is a tender man with lots of drive.  I admire his ability to reach his goals, whether it be his education, marrying a great gal, or finding his dream job.  He is a good husband and father who works hard at being a little better than he was. (Mom)

Very talented and smart.  Excells not only in school and work, but also his hobbies! (Denzel)

Smart (Anna)

Hardworking; good father/husband; funny (Jaimi)

Funny, laid back, hardworker (Mike)

He is such a fun dad to Nikki!  (Tannya)

He has always been the biggest contradiction of  sweetheart and sarcastic tyrant.  Ha ha  Which is why I love him!  I will always treasure my memories of when we took classes together at Dixie.  It meant so much to me that he would be seen with me.  He is an amazing husband and dad and an example to the whole family. (Kristy)

He loves a good adventure and is so fun to spend time with (Amelia)

Really smart and well-educated …Hello…he got the iPhone! (Hans)

I love how active Brandon is.  I admire how smart he is and how hard he has worked in school to get where he is.   I admire how much he loves his family and also the fact that he is such a fun dad, husband, and brother. (Nat)

He is such a good example of everything I want to become. (Dallin)

TANNYA (wife to Brandon)

I admire Tannya for developing good skills with dental hygiene and how she was willing to work to help Brandon get through school.  I admire her for her creativity and for remembering others on special occasions.  I appreciate her for being a wonderful wife and mother.  (Dad)

Tannya has a strong testimony of the gospel and cares deeply about her family.  She works hard to be a good wife and mother.  And she does a very good job of it.  She is patient and tolerant with our family! (Mom)

Very polite and patient in dealing with all the Hunt quirks.  Lol (Denzel)

Crafty (Anna)

Pretty; good mom and wife (Jaimi)

Great mom; outgoing (Mike)          
She is a very good mother and wife and takes good care of her family. (Brandon)

I remember last summer when we were able to spend some time together in preparation for Amelia’s wedding.  I had a lot of fun with Tannya.  I admire her genuine kindness, goodness, and creativity.  She is such an amazing wife and mom, and a good example for me to follow…in the distant future (lol) (Kristy)

Fun-loving and thoughtful of everyone around her. (Amelia)

A great Mom and fun to be around (Hans)

I love how fun and creative Tannya is.  I like that she is willing to teach me new things and is patient with everyone.  I love that she has worked so hard in school and has an education.  I also think she is a wonderful mom and sister. (Nat)

She is so sweet and cares about everyone. (Dal)


She is motivated and determined.  She has good organizational skills and a strong work ethic.  I appreciate her willingness to serve a mission and the courage to see it through to the end. I admire her dancing ability and enjoy so much watching her express herself through dance. (Dad)

Kristy works hard at everything she does, and doesn’t do anything half-way!  She has lots of interests and abilities and wrings every drop out of all that she does.  She is thoughtful and gives of her time to those who might be rejected by others. (Mom)

Extremely talented.  Always pushes herself to achieve her goals, accomplish more and experience new adventures. (Denzel)

Always smiling and outgoing (Anna)

A great dancer; pretty; funny (Jaimi)

Outgoing, great personality (Mike)

Motivated to accomplish her goals. (Brandon)

Always happy and motivated. (Tannya)

Always helping to motivate those around her and help them accomplish their goals. (Amelia)

Really friendly and helps make those around her feel welcome (Hans)

I love how dedicated Kristy is to everything that she does.  I admire her passion for dance and writing and being so fit!  She is a great example of a hard worker, and I love to be around her and being strengthened by her testimony. (Nat)

I love having late-night chats and watching Netflix together (Dal)


I admire Amelia’s dance talent and enjoy watching her express herself through dance.  I admire her smile and fun sense of humor.  She has a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.  I also admire her for her creativity.  (Dad)

Amelia is a happy spirit—someone who makes people smile just by seeing her smile!  I admire her strength to finish her education in spite of trials and challenges.  She is willing to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and tries hard to do what’s right. (Mom)

Always happy and wearing a beautiful smile.  Very loving eyes that reflect her good spirit and nature.  (Denzel)

Always smiling  (Anna)

Pretty; funny; hardworking (Jaimi)

Sweet and funny (Mike)

She is fun to be around and is usually the life of the party.  (Brandon)

She is kind and is fun to have late night conversations with!  (Tannya)

I will always remember the hours of bickering when we choreographed our duets.  We would have to breathe so much and just dance separately for a while.  But in the end,  our duets always turned out to be awesome and crowd-pleasers.  I have always loved dancing with her.  (Kristy)

Very family-oriented and would do anything for them. (Hans)

I love how happy Amelia is and how she can cheer up everyone even on really bad days.  I love her “happy camper” hugs and her contagious smile.  J  I also admire her good attitude and effort to find solutions to her (as well as other people’s) problems or struggles. (Nat)

She cares so much about the family and cheers people up (Dal)

HANS (husband to Amelia)

I admire Hans’ ability and willingness to provide for his family.  He is kind and has a gentle manner, and I appreciate what a good husband he is for Amelia.  I admire his patience and courage in getting the girl he really loves.  (Dad)

Hans is “PERFECT” for Amelia!!  He is very kind and giving, but he also doesn’t get walked on.  He is very smart and works hard. But the thing I admire most is his faith!! (Mom)

A great husband to my wonderful sister.  Always a gentleman and treats her with respect and love.  Very business savvy as well. (Denzel)

Funny (Anna)

Outgoing; funny; well-rounded (Jaimi)

Great husband and hard worker (Mike)

I like that Hans can talk business with me. (Brandon)

He is very good at loving Amelia. He also knows a lot about, a lot of different things. (Tannya)

I will always remember cruising the Boulevard in St. George listening to Linkin Park.  He was a brother then, and he is my brother now.  I am so grateful Mil got such a good catch!  I love that he treats Amelia so good.  I admire how creative he is and comes up with such fun ways to show her that he loves her.  He is a good example of a worthy, willing priesthood holder.  He is a good standard for the men we bring into the family. (Kristy)

Very thoughtful of the people around him and always willing to help others out. (Amelia)

I love that Hans fits in with our family so well and knows how to have fun with us.  I love that he is so good to Amelia and always does his best to make her happy.  I also love that he always includes us and makes us always feel welcome in their home. (Nat)

I love how Hans fits in perfectly with the family (Dal)


Natalee has a passion and care for horses and other animals that is wonderful to watch.  She has the ability to interact well with people, which has enabled her to have some good jobs and opportunities.  She plays the violin well and I have loved listening to her play over the years.  She has a fun personality.  (Dad)

Natalee is very good at finding jobs!  She doesn’t give up and goes after what she wants.  She is beautiful and doesn’t even know it.  She is thoughtful of others and is very giving.  She has a strong testimony and always lives it. (Mom)

Very talented even though she may not like to show it sometimes.  Very strong and able to take the positive out of situations even when it is very difficult. (Denzel)

Natalee is great with kids (Anna)

Happy; outgoing; funny (Jaimi)     
Good with horses, funny, outgoing (Mike)

She is a fabulous artist (Brandon)

Natalee - She is very talented in many different areas and can excell in any area she puts her mind to. (Tannya)

I admire that Natalee is so good with kids; so happy-go-lucky, and loving.  She really will be such a good mom and I’m sending my kids to her house 23/7  J  And, as much as she hated it, I really loved all the times we got a breakthrough and could talk without fighting. (Kristy)

She can always put a smile on my face and adds to the fun loving atmosphere of our family. (Amelia)

Very versatile individual that is passionate about everything she does (Hans)

I love how she gives up so much of herself to give to others (Dal)


I admire Dallin’s musical talents with the piano, violin and singing, and his willingness to share them with others.  I also admire his leadership skills and his positive example for his peers and other youth.  I enjoyed all the time we spent together over the years in scouting, church activities, ball games, etc.  (Dad)

Dallin is very talented in everything he does whether its music, sports, or academics.  He is a hardworker and is able to accomplish many things.  But the thing I admire the most is his ability to be humble and teachable. (Mom)

STUD!!!!  Amazing man.  Talented in all sorts of sports and academics, musical talents, strong self-image and stands up for what he believes........as well as being a ladies man.  Awesome example of an all around great guy. (Denzel)

Good at sports (Anna)

Good rugby player; happy & outgoing; hard worker (Jaimi)

Funny; willing to help out (Mike)

Talented athletically and in other ways. (Brandon)

An excellent multi-tasker. (Tannya)

I will always remember our excursion to San Clemente to camp on the beach during Spring Break.  I thought it was so cool that he would do that with his sister!  Even though we were horrible at cooking.   The Mexican places saved us!  I admire him and his talents and how good of a heart he has.  He will always be my “bud.”  (Kristy)

He is so athletically talented!  He is a good example to the people around him. (Amelia)

Very outgoing but also knows how to chill. (Hans)

I love how Dallin always takes care of me when I’m sick and he goes out of his way to spend time with me or invites me to go do things with him.  I love how caring he is to the people he cares about and I also admire the fact that he is good at everything he tries! (Nat)

April 15, 2013

Millie turns 24! We STILL Celebrate!!

Amelia turned 24 on Sunday, April 14th so we had a birthday dinner AND treasure hunt at our house!!  Fun times!!