October 16, 2012

The “Committee!”

Hi Kids,

When I was a young teenager I received my Patriarchal Blessing.  In it, among other things, I was told to listen to important advice from my parents because they were especially chosen for me.

I have read that blessing many times over the past 42 years since receiving it, and it has given me much to think about.  It did not tell me my parents were perfect, or that their advice would be perfect, but that I should listen to “important advice” because my parents were “especially chosen” for me.

I was a “pleaser” growing up.  My mom would tell others that I was the “perfect child" because I never rebelled as a teenager.  Oops!  I just waited until I was in my 20’s and realized I didn't know who I was…because I had always listened to “the committee” called my MOTHER! 

Now, that isn't necessarily a bad thing…unless it stunts your growth because you have NO IDEA of who you are.  Was this my mom’s fault?  Perhaps, a little.  Was it my fault?  Perhaps, a little.   Neither of us knew better, so we were just doing the best we could.

Fast forward many years to the present.  I think about “the committee” more and more.  We all listen to one committee or another.  And I think the most important thing is for us to recognize who we are listening to, discerning if it is good and right, and then making the changes necessary in our life.

I made a list of the different “committees” I've heard and listened to in my life:
Co-workers, acquaintances, neighbors, ward members, friends, extended family, siblings, parents, church leaders, general authorities,  the prophet, our Savior, and our Heavenly Father.

Sometimes we have “less important committees” saying things that make us feel good for the moment because they agree with what we want to hear.   Sometimes the “important” committee is rejected because what it is saying is in conflict with what we want to do.

I think the most important thing we can do is be honest with ourselves.  Really look at who and what we listen to for advice and direction.  We’re here on the earth to discover who WE are …what WE want to do with our life.  We have been given many resources in our lives (“committees”) to help us, but ultimately, each of us, individually, must decide for ourselves what we will do. 

It can be very difficult at times, especially if we are “pleasers” and don’t recognize that by “pleasing” and not really knowing who we are and what WE want, we our sacrificing our self on the altar of ignorance.  This is not a good sacrifice.

But it is equally important to search out the one PERFECT committee...One that has not changed from the beginning of time...Who loves us beyond our comprehension, and who can guide us perfectly, if we will let Him.
When we know who we are, and what we want, then we can knowingly sacrifice our less-important wants/desires for something better.  Doing good things for the right reasons is much better than merely pleasing!

I love you tons, sweet adorable childrens o' mine!


October 7, 2012


Dad and I watched the Saturday morning session of Conference together.  We had rushed around doing yard work and cleaning right up until the Mormon Tabernacle Choir started to sing the opening song.  Then we quickly went in the house, plopped ourselves on the couch, and enjoyed the next two hours of spiritual nourishment!

One of the talks that resonated with me was that of Ann Dibbs.  Her story about the teenage girl she ran into at a store, who was wearing a shirt that read “I’m a Mormon!  Are you?” and Sister Dibbs’ subsequent thoughts leading to her declarative statement that followed really felt at home in MY heart.  She hoped we would ALL be able to boldly declare: 
I’m a Mormon!
I KNOW it!
I LIVE it!
I LOVE it!

I have thought about this off and on for the past 24 hours.  What makes some of us willing and able to state this without any hesitation, and yet others aren’t able to.  I think it has everything to do with our choices. 
When we make choices consistent with what we believe (our value core), we are happy, confident and secure.  When we don’t make choices consistent with what we know, we become defensive, withdrawn, and even sometimes start attacking and tearing down what we know inside. 

I know people who have tried to deal with their conflicting feelings by entertaining the thoughts that they were “brain-washed” or “manipulated” when raised with gospel principles as children, and that were turned away from as teenagers or adults.  We don’t deal well with conflict in our lives when it comes to our core beliefs. 
We may have started smoking, or drinking.  We may have been sexually active before marriage.  We may have become involved with drugs, or pornography, just to list a few of the things that are so rampant in our society. 

No matter what it is with which we struggle, living the gospel of Jesus Christ, doing everything in our power to LIVE WHAT WE KNOW, will give us peace, security, and confidence in all that we do. 

REPENTANCE is the most incredible opportunity EACH of us have been given.  You don’t have to be rich, talented, a CEO, or a college graduate; you don’t have to be organized, employed, or be an entrepreneur.  Every single one of us can repent of the things we are doing wrong in our lives; we can improve; we can be a little better each day.  Our Savior, Jesus Christ, has already paid the price for each one of us and every single sin and mistake we have made or will make.  But WE have to decide if we will accept His incredible gift to us by doing everything in OUR power to repent.  I hope we will!

I KNOW it!
I LIVE it!
I LOVE it!