January 26, 2012

Behavior Modification. . .

A new "SUPER PAIN PILL" is scheduled to hit the local pharmacy in the near future, and the news coverage is talking about how devastating this can be to already addiction-prone people.

I've thought about it a lot. What is the answer? Governmental control? Vigilante watchdog groups? Obsessive (dedicated?) parents on the look-out?

And then I thought of a quote from Elder Boyd K. Packer several years ago:

"Doctrine can change behavior quicker than talking about behavior will."

If we will LIVE THE GOSPEL PRINCIPLES (doctrine), we will be more able to resist the temptations of the world.

If we keep the Word of Wisdom, we won't have any problem with drug addiction, alcoholism, tobacco addiction, etc.

This may seem rather simplistic, but ultimately the gospel of Jesus Christ IS simple!! And it is much easier to live IT, than to live without it...in MY humble opinion!! ^_^

January 23, 2012


The 5 minute "RUSH" paint job before piano lessons started. . . 

. . . And this would be the CORRECTED version!!

January 22, 2012

Why Go To Church?

Sometimes people "just don't feel like going" to Church. Maybe it's easier to stay in bed; maybe there's something "more fun" to do, etc.

Well, I agree with Aunt Sue: "Be where you're supposed to be, when you're supposed to be there." Whether it's attending our church meetings, being in class, going to work, etc., we should be where we're supposed to be when we're supposed to be there.

This is especially true with church. We won't get fired or fined if we don't go, but we do miss out on some very important guidance, instruction, and revelation that we would have received had we been where we were supposed to be when we were supposed to be there.

For instance, Nate Staheli was one of the speakers in our Sacrament Meeting today. The things he shared had a big impact on me and were great reminders.

Remember the brother of Jared at the time of the tower of Babel, and how his language was not confounded along with Jared and their family and friends? They were commanded to leave the land they had known all their lives, there was much preparation of food, animals, seeds, and other supplies. And then they were instructed to build several barges, in which they were to travel with all the things they had prepared. They were even given the means to have light in their barges.

Once all the preparations were made and everything was loaded within the "tight like a dish" vessels, they boarded their barges, set forth into the sea, "commending themselves unto the Lord their God."

The very next verse is interesting: "And it came to pass that the Lord God caused that there should be a furious wind blow upon the face of the waters..."

I wonder how many of the people in those barges got seasick, how many were scared to death, how many questioned their sanity at undertaking this "adventure." The brother of Jared knew what he had been commanded to do; hopefully others sought and received their own witness of what the Lord was telling them to do. Once the "furious winds" started to blow, there must have been some extremely difficult times...and it lasted nearly a YEAR...yep, three hundred and forty-four days!!

Another interesting point is brought up as the sentence is finished: "...caused that there should be a furious wind blow upon the face of the waters towards the promised land;"

Was it difficult for them to envision a "promised land" as waves crashed around them and they were tossed about, not for just a day or two, but a LONG TIME! In fact, the scriptures say, "And it came to pass that the wind did never cease to blow towards the promised land while they were upon the waters; and thus they were driven forth before the wind." Sheesh!! I can't even imagine how tough that must have been!

Now, my question is this: Have we ever started on a "journey" that we were spiritually guided to, and then found ourselves saying in so many words: "What is going on?! I thought You told me to do this...but nothing is going right!! This is STUPID! Why should I even try if all I'm going to get is a bunch of TRIALS!?!?"

Perhaps we need to take a deep breath, (also known as "suck it up!") and endure our trials well as we are "blown towards the promised land." It might take a LONG TIME, but then, again, it might not!

BE where we're supposed to be when we're supposed to be there; LEARN what we're supposed to learn; DO what we're supposed to do, and we truly will arrive (maybe 'tossed and somewhat battered) in the "promised land."

(Ether 1:33, parts of Ether 2, and Ether 3)

January 20, 2012

Great Quote, Nat!

I saw this posted on Natalee's Facebook page and HAD to re-quote it here:

Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. 

A healed memory is not a deleted memory. 

Forgiving what we cannot forget creates a 
new way to remember. 

We change the memory of our past 
into a hope for our future.

January 15, 2012

Dad's 56th Birthday

It sure is different having birthdays without kids at home...but it was fun anyway.  Dad woke me up when the alarm went off, but I told him I was going to sleep a little longer.  He went in and built a fire, then got in the shower.  That's when I LEAPT into action:  I went into the kitchen and made the fastest treasure hunt of my life...the clues were pretty bad, but at least they were clues!  I quickly put them in their spots:  under Dad's chair, in the dryer, in the camping equipment, and the "treasure" was in the piano closet.

After the clues were hidden, I got the potatoes washed, grated, and in the pan to cook; then I made a small sign to hang up on the french doors.  I got the table set with the red plates and glass, then fried some eggs, made toast, and poured the oj.  When Dad came out he was VERY surprised!  Hooray for fast multi-tasking wives!!

After an early breakfast, my piano students began to arrive, and Dad left for school.  As soon as Dad left, I painted the front window in big letters, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. HUNT!"   Dad knew I must have put something on the window because so many students wished him a happy birthday.

Between students, I threw 3 boxes of brownie mix together and got them cooking so they were done when I finished teaching.  MaryAnn Zabriskie, Julie Schram and I went on a bike ride, then MaryAnn and I took the brownies to Dad's class, helped his class sing Happy Birthday, and then we dished up brownies for all of his students...of course it was his LARGEST class with 33 students!  But we had plenty, with some left over!  It was great and Dad was very gracious about it all.

For dinner we had burrito supremes and German Chocolate cake*.  Hans and Amelia came over to celebrate with us, along with Jeonghoon.  It was fun, but I can't believe I didn't get any pictures!!  I know I took some, but they didn't show up on the camera...weird!!

* I forgot to make the cake until a few minutes before my afternoon piano students were to start arriving, so I didn't have time to run to the store and buy the German chocolate cake mix Dad likes.  Instead, I took a Devils food cake mix and a white cake mix, used half from each, mixed according to the directions, and threw it in the oven.  Made the coconut frosting after lessons and everything turned out well.  When we ate the cake it was really good...still not German Chocolate, but not too chocolatey, either!

All-in-all, a nice birthday, with everything coming together very well.  I am SOOOOO thankful for my wonderful husband and sweetheart!

January 8, 2012


Well, it was LOTS of fun having most of the kids here during the holidays!! It was fun meeting Erika at Christmas Around The World, and having her spend a few days with us before Christmas.

Taking down the lights and decorations with Dal's and Nat's help went really well, and it felt SO good to have everything taken care of so quickly. But it was VERY SAD to see Dallin leave after having him here for two weeks. We kind of got spoiled! 

Kristy was here for a "blink" before she headed back to SLC.  Nikki got most of her time!

Brandon, Tannya and Nikki were here for 10 days and now we're having "Nikki withdrawals!" The other night she called us and would say a few things, and then she would say, "Talk...Grandpa!" So I would hand the phone to Dad. Then, a few minutes later she would say, "Talk...Grandma!" so he would hand it back.  Then it was "Talk...Melia" and then back to "grandpa"! We were laughing so hard!!

Natalee left this evening (Sunday) for Ephraim. She's not sure WHAT her plans are. She might be moving back here...she might be looking for a different job in Ephraim...we'll see what happens...it has been fun having her here. We've definitely done more riding!

And, we've enjoyed having Millie and Hans over fairly often! We're definitely spoiled on that count! One day last week, Mil had a really ROUGH day due to a migraine and throwing up. The next day she was doing better and came over to the house to re-cooperate. I made her some good food, we watched a movie together and even ate a candy bar, sharing one square every 10 minutes...it was really nice!! (Yes, that is a sippy cup!)

 Jeonghoon Son is living with us for the next two months. He has a good sense of humor and fits in well.  He wasn't impressed at all when Hank attacked him the first night Jeonghoon came into our house!   But he DOES love horseback riding!!

Dad and I are working on our "bucket list" for 2012. I won't put "Doing a puzzle" on MY list!  Our possibilities so far: go to Texas in March; go camping at Palisade State Park early June; stay in town the end of June; travel the California coast up to the Redwood forest the end of July; run the Swiss Days 5K; go somewhere for Thanksgiving and go somewhere for Christmas! (notice, these are POSSIBILITIES!) Any suggestions are welcome!

We will be up for Dallin's rugby scrimmage on January 21st. It would be fun to get together for dinner afterwards with everyone that can be there!! He's not sure what time the game is, but probably late morning to early afternoon. I'll keep you posted!