August 27, 2010

Mom's surgery...GRAPHIC!!

So Nat and I managed to get a "pre-op" horseback ride in on Wednesday night. It was beautiful and I loved being out again. The weather has finally started to cool down, and it's bearable to ride. But now, with my foot out of commission for awhile, riding isn't too much of an option!!

For the faint of heart, you might not want to watch the slide show clear to the end...the pictures of my foot are very graphic! Julie was a real trooper, driving me into the doctor the day after surgery because there was a lot of bleeding in my heal. Got it taken care of, AND it was a great photo op!!

Dad's OTHER shoulder...

Dad's surgery the second time around wasn't too traumatic!! In fact, it took three hours longer to get him into surgery than originally planned. Thank goodness Nat was here and stayed with Dad while I went home and taught piano lessons. With the extra long delay I was able to do my lessons, accompany Dallin's solo for the Peter Pan auditions (he IS going to be Peter Pan!!), and made it to the hospital in time to have dinner with Natalee and be there when the doctor came out with his report. Everything repaired the way it was supposed to! HURRAY!!

August 22, 2010

Amelia's & Hans' Wedding!

What a wonderful day it was!! It was WONDERFUL having an afternoon wedding! Talk about relaxed...I even spent some time weeding in the garden before everything got underway!! Here's how the day went. . .
Amelia had some help from friends and family getting ready for her marriage to Hans. . .

The marriage took place in the St. George Utah LDS Temple. We were so grateful to have so many family members and friends there to share in our joy!!

After getting lots of pictures taken with both sides of the family, we managed to make it to The Bell Tower, where the wedding luncheon was held. What a beautiful place to celebrate!

One last dance with her father...

Amelia gets some help from her sisters before heading out with her husband...

And then the beautiful couple were OFF!! We'll see them in two weeks when they get back from their honeymoon in the Caribbean!!

August 11, 2010

Better late than never. . .

Speaking of Pine Valley, here are pictures from our weekend getaway LAST weekend! Thanks to Joyce and Don for their hospitality!!

August 10, 2010


So, Dallin and his buddies (Trevor Bringhurst, Rusty Sullivan, and Thomas Hafen) decided to have one last fling before school started by hiking up Pine Valley Mountain CLEAR TO THE TOP!! AND CAMPING OUT UP THERE!! They made it...called Dad and I from the top, (we tried to flash them with the large bathroom mirror -- it didn't work so well), and FROZE overnight in there sleeping bags! BUT they had a great time and now have the memories to last them a lifetime!

BTW, The wild raspberries were DELICIOUS!

August 8, 2010


In our Sunday School (strengthening marriages) class, we were given a list of rules for discussing problems. It was interesting to Dad and I that we already do these things. We think the suggestions are good for EVERYONE who is trying to improve family relationships!

1. Decide on a time and place to talk (Dad and I always talked in our room, or on a drive. Do any of you kids remember Dad and I ever having a problem in front of you?)

2. Stay on topic. If needed, write down your points of view. Don't get side-tracked with other things that are bothering you. (A LONG time ago, we listened to a tape with similar counsel...don't bring an arsenal to throw at the other person by dredging up all kinds of memories from the past...)

3. Speak softly

4. Take a break, if necessary.

5. Be kind.

6. Use appropriate language. Profanity and name-calling are offensive, demeaning and abusive.

7. Do not use violence.

8. NEVER threaten divorce or separation. Decide now to never allow those words to cross your mind, or your lips.

9. Seek spiritual help.

10. Rest and try again. If you cannot solve a problem in a short period of time, agree to revisit it later.

This is a short list, but there are some excellent suggestions. I'm also going to look for a brochure that Dad and I got a few weeks after we were married...on our honeymoon we heard a commercial from the church about the "Divorce Bug" and to call for a free copy. When we got home I did. The brochure had some great recommendations. I know I still have it. So, when I find it, I'll write them down.


August 6, 2010

Don't Get Tricked!

I was going to write last week, but then got involved in doing too many other good things...

Julie Schram's brother in law bore his testimony in church last Sunday and related how we are blessed and strengthened by the Lord. It made me think about several things, but particularly how Satan lies to us coming and going. One minute he's saying things like "No one will ever know. It won't hurt you, just try it. Everyone else is doing it, so don't be stupid. It's not that big a deal!" And then, the minute we listen to him and make a stupid choice, does he console us and tell us how wonderful we are? No, suddenly he is our biggest foe, jeering and tormenting us with how stupid we are, how worthless we are, how utterly hopeless our situation is.

And yet, our Savior is totally opposite of that. He coaxes and encourages us to make good choices, to be our best selves. When we make poor choices, He is there to help us repent, to forgive us, to sacrifice Himself for our sakes as we strive to make improvements in our lives.

Just a reminder to pay attention to what you listen to!!

August 3, 2010