May 31, 2010

Running Thoughts. . .

May 31, 2010
Since Dad and I were gone for the weekend I didn't get any running in. So, I headed out this morning to do Saturday's "long run" of 7 miles. I armed myself with a few different things I wanted to work on memorizing. Well, I should have only brought one, because that's all I got done. However, I can tell you a sure way to memorize something...say it at least 60 times and you will have it memorized very well!! I ran for 82 minutes (slow, but steady running!) I figured I said the scripture at least once every minute, but to compensate for thought time, and for re-checking my paper for mistakes, starting over, etc., I can safely say I easily said the scripture 60 times. And I feel like it is embedded in my soul! This is one of my most favorite scriptures:


May 30, 2010

A weekend to remember...

Before we get to the pictures...I'll try to do a BRIEF explanation...
Dad and I drove up to SLC early Friday morning to attend Jacob and Kristina Hunt's wedding in the Salt Lake Temple.  The wedding and reception were very enjoyable, along with the visiting we were able to do!  Then we headed to Linda's and Monty's.  Dad and I saw "How To Train Your Dragon" (my second time!)  And we loved it!
Saturday morning we headed up to MALTA!  It was as small as we had anticipated, as indicated by the population sign. . . 171!!  HOWEVER, we loved it!  Wyatt's family is as nice as he is.  And we loved their place.  I'm STILL green with envy of that tack room!!  (Maybe Wyatt will come down sometime and help make a decent one for us!!)  I can understand why Nat likes it so much out there!
It was quite humorous when Dad and I got "lost" a couple of times trying to follow Brook's instructions for a more scenic drive back to the freeway.  SCENIC it was, but it took us nearly 3 hours as we backtracked every road (practically) there was out there!  I think we saw every head of cattle the Holtmans own!!  Luckily, we flagged down a truck whizzing by on one of the dirt roads.  He pointed us in the right direction with a few instructions.  Just before we started down the road I asked him if he knew Brook Holtman.  After a pause he said, "Unfortunately, yes..."  I figured as much.  They had the same boyish looks and demeanor and I thought they had to be pretty good friends.  He assured us that it was simply Brook's way of trying to get rid of us in a subtle way.  Thought so!  ^_^

Anyway, we really enjoyed out "Idaho" experience.  Then we spent the night at Ellison's again, went to church with them, then headed to Temple Square.  Dad and I have FUN by ourselves. (We have fun with you kids, too, but it has been a LONG time since we haven't had any deadlines to meet, places to be, or kids to accommodate!)  It was SO enjoyable just walking around and seeing everything.  We loved going on top of the Conference Center and seeing the gardens, etc.  VERY cool!  Then we headed to Mapleton, had dinner with Dan's and Janet's family, then headed home since Garrett's parents wouldn't let him come up for the volleyball tournament.  (I'm sure there's more detail than we know about...)  Anyway, it was a great weekend, especially since Hans and Amelia got engaged at the same time!!

May 26, 2010

Always something new to learn. . .

A couple of Sundays ago, the gal giving the Relief Society lesson mentioned that we've been told every member of our households should have their own copy of the Conference Ensign...

I didn't know that!

Needless to say, I bought 5 additional copies of the Conference Ensign and distributed them. I forgot to mention anything about this to Dad. The next morning he said, "Oh, I really like the idea of having the Conference Ensign in every room of the house!" That's about the way it ended up, but I did explain the REAL method to the madness. (He liked that idea, too!)

So, I've been trying to read one talk each day. The only problem is that I keep going back and reading different parts of the previous talk, so my progress through is slow, but I'm learning a lot.

I have really enjoyed Elder Christofferson's talk on page 32. You may remember the story he related about William Tyndale. He was hung after being caught transcribing the Bible into the English language, publishing it and secretly distributing it to all interested in reading the scriptures for themselves and not just having clergy tell them what the scriptures said.

It made me think about how much we take our scriptures for granted. Very much like everything around us, supply v. demand has a big impact. In the 1500's no one but clergy were allowed access to the scriptures. In the 21st century anyone can have a set of scriptures in our hands for under $10. If the exact item isn't in stock at our local retailer, delivery to our doorstep is only a few days away.

It is VERY easy to have access to the scriptures. So do we cherish them, relish the time we have to study them, or do we think, "Ho hum. I really have a lot to do today. I'll read them tomorrow..."

I really do wonder if our study would be different if we had to work hard to translate the scriptures, or if we had to work hard many months to earn the money to pay for them, or if our lives were at risk if we were caught reading the scriptures. Perhaps, because the way is so easy, we don't take the opportunity to look, just like the people in Moses' day who were bitten by the poisonous snakes and just needed to "look" at the staff in order to be healed.

I hope we don't have to be COMPELLED to read the scriptures, to truly cherish them, to rejoice in the teachings of our Savior, and to learn from the record that has been provided for us at such a high cost to others.


May 22, 2010

JAIMI, MIKE & Kids are Sealed!

Here are just a few of the pics from after the sealing...

And SOME people's children just can't pass up a photo op!!

COUSINS (5-22-2010)

May 19, 2010

They're here!!

May 19, 2010
Jaimi, Mike, Ben and Kristen arrived close to 6:00 p.m. thanks to Julie Schram picking them up at the Las Vegas airport and bringing them home!! It sure is fun holding these sweet little kids! I got to have a sleepover in the front room with Kristen, and Jaimi got a whole night's sleep!! Jaimi, Mike and the kids headed up to SLC this morning for a quick visit with Mike's grandparents and other relatives, then they'll be driving back down on Thursday. Brandon, Tannya and Nikki, Natalee, Amelia and Hans, all get in Thursday evening, too!! Denzel, Anna and Bridger come in on Saturday! HURRAY!!! It's a family gathering of major proportions!! More pictures to come!

May 17, 2010

BEST Family Night!

We took eight horses, a few extra friends, and headed up Snow Canyon for a memorable Family Home Evening.

After several attempts at getting a match to light, we managed to get a small campfire going and roasted hot dogs for our dinner, ate some cookies for dessert, and each person talked about an area of the Medicine Wheel and how we can improve ourselves. It was a GREAT evening!

May 12, 2010

President Monson's Counsel

I loved all of the talks from General Conference! I hope we will find time to read one talk each day.

Sunday, LaRae Radmall gave the lesson in Relief Society. She gave a beautiful lesson about prophets. A few things have stuck with me that I want to share.

1. As we looked at the 15 or so pictures of prophets on the chalk board she said, "Isn't it wonderful that we recognize these ancient and modern day men?! We know they are prophets of God. Not everyone in the world know who they were if they saw these pictures. Isn't it great that we do! (I thought it an excellent point, and one I hope we don't take for granted.)

2. She asked for input re: counsel we could remember having come from a particular prophet. There were lots of comments made and memories jogged as we remembered over the years, and prophets, the counsel we have received.

3. Then the question was asked, "What can we do to help the prophet?" Of course, suggestions were made to pray for him, to serve in our callings better, and other things. But the still small voice whispered in my heart so loudly that I couldn't ignore it, "Don't just listen to the prophet, DO WHAT HE SAYS!" As I sat there and thought about it, I started to feel badly for each of the prophets over the years and ages. How must it feel to prophecy the Lord's commandments and counsel and be rejected, or ignored?

I'm sure each of us has shared "advice" with someone else and had it ignored even though we have KNOWN how important it was. That's nothing compared to prophecy!

So I hope we will each LISTEN and HEED the counsel we receive from the prophet! READ his counsel, FOLLOW his counsel, REMEMBER his counsel! Here is just a small excerpt from President Monson's closing remarks at General Conference:

"My counsel for all of us is to look to the lighthouse of the Lord. There is no fog so dense, no night so dark, no gale so strong, no mariner so lost but what its beacon light can rescue. It beckons through the storms of life. The lighthouse of the Lord sends forth signals readily recognized and never failing."


May 9, 2010


Hi Kids!! Thank you so much for everyone being so thoughtful!! I have ALWAYS loved Mother's Day! Breakfast this morning was excellent...especially since I didn't have to make the bacon, fried eggs, toast, or orange juice! WAHOO!!
Denzel's and Anna's flowers arrived yesterday, which was a nice surprise! Loved opening ALL the cards at breakfast this morning! Dallin's card takes the cake!! Wish I could post the sound on was a "Whoops and YoYo" card, changing the words to "Amazing Grace" to be sung as:
"Amaz-ing Mom, you're wonderful, we think th-uh world of YOUUUUU!
And though-oh at times, we do some baa-ad things, we know you-uuuu love us tooooooo!

Hee hee hee, you're such a great mom! We're going to make you a huge cake! (Ka-blam!!) Oh, maybe we'll just take you out for ice cream! Hee Hee, good idea, good idea!"

Yep, it's pretty funny!! I also got some Japanese Blossom perfume (I'm almost out), a dress, shirt and nice summer pj's, AND a beautiful book!! I had just checked it out from the library, and decided within the first few pages this was a book of which I wanted my own copy. (Aunt Sue had recommended it to me.) It is EXCELLENT - "Change Your Questions--Change Your Life" by Wendy Watson Nelson (wife of Elder Russell M. Nelson) It's not like a regularly written book. Lots of different formatting to it, with wonderful content! I HIGHLY recommend it!


Mother's Day "WALL"

Since it is officially Mother's Day, I thought I'd write down just a few reasons why I am grateful that I got MY mom.
-She still lets me sit on her lap and cry.
-She is always trying to better herself.
-She loves her children unconditionally (whether they accept it or not).
-She lets me call her whenever I am bored.
-She is a great resource. :)
-She lets you think "you MIGHT be right".
-She is 100% direct. No beating around the bush.
-She is an amazing gardener.
-She has a strong testimony and always shares it.
-She is a great listener.
-She is a great advice giver.
-She helps mend broken hearts.
-She loves my Dad.
-She taught her me to be a hard worker.
-She will stay up past midnight just to eat a bowl of cereal with her kids and play the props game from Who's Line.
-She doesn't take no for an answer.
-She eats ALL the mushrooms and doesn't offer to share (except for on my Birthday).
-She helps me "problem-solve".
-She can take great pictures while running on a horse!

The list could go on forever, but since I have 9:00am church I am going to have to call it quits for now.

Mom, I hope you know that I love and appreciate you so much! You are the best mom for me and I wouldn't trade you for anyone! Happy Mother's Day!!

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May 9, 2010

From Mom Collage

May 8, 2010

Another Great Weekend. . .

We had a FUN weekend! Dad and I went to Washington City's Cotton Days. Ted Salmon had his restored tractor entered in the tractor pull, and he did REALLY well! Then we went with Schrams to the sand dunes up Snow Canyon. We brought 4 of the horses and a picnic. It was lots of fun. Wish you could have ALL been here!!

May 7, 2010

And you think YOU have trials. . .

Kristen's Blessing and Temple Dress

Amazing!! I still know how to sew!! The other day I bought some fabric and decided to attempt sewing a dress for Kristen to wear at the temple sealing. Well, circumstances came up where I wasn't able to sleep (angst from teenager issues! ^_^), so I started sewing at midnight, and finished a little before 3:00 a.m. It was very soothing to me to work on this sweet baby's special dress! We are SO excited for Jaimi and Mike & kids to arrive on the 18th!! (Hope you like the dress, Jaimi!) Love, Mom

From Blessing Dress

Dallin Medals in Region!

Wahoo! Region Track was held Wednesday and Thursday (May 5-6)at Desert Hills High. Dal threw javalin on Thursday and took 2nd Place and got a medal, too!! VERY cool!! Now he's off to State Track on the 14th and 15th at BYU!! Congrats, Dallin!

May 4, 2010

Is Your Ship MOVING???

Mom's Moment
May 4, 2010

The last couple of days I've been working with Dallin and Harrison as they prepare to audition for Madrigals at the high school. (Here it is, their Senior year, and they just now think "hey, let's try out for Madrigals!") While Dallin and I were practicing, my mind went off into left field for a few moments, and I was made aware of some things. I shared them with Dallin:

"When Dad, Kristy and I met with Elder Bednar, he said something to Kristy that keeps coming back to me. 'We seldom are aware of the many ways the Lord inter-twines things to accomplish His plan.' More and more I become aware of things that have been 'coincidental' but only appear that way. It has been VERY interesting to watch things unfold in the lives of the kids in our family.

Last year you ran for Men's rep and lost. But you got involved with swim team, made some great friends, and did well.

This year you ran for student body president and lost in the final election. You have been involved in lots of different sports, struggled with injuries, done well with piano and violin. What I'm very curious to see is what the Lord has in store for you.

Perhaps there is something more important that HE knows about that you have yet to discover. It very well could be that singing may be a bigger blessing to you than a hefty leadership position. Who knows? There is one thing that I'm sure of, though, and that is as long as you keep your 'ship' moving in a good direction the Lord will guide you where He wants you. It may be a more difficult task if your ship is just sitting in the harbor waiting for something good to come to it."

And that is my counsel to each of a little better just for today. Do something good just for today. Improve yourself in some small way today. Then do it again tomorrow.

"Little things" tend to accumulate into big things over time. Dad reached over and carried my tennis shoes for me the first night we met, not because I was carrying anything else, but because it was a nice "little thing" to do. This June 6th it will be 31 years of "little things" later, and our ship is still moving in a good direction!! I hope you become aware of the many ways the Lord is guiding and directing your lives as you listen and work at following Him.

Love you all TONS!!

May 1, 2010

PICTURES . . . finally!

Here's our newest grandbaby!! And I'm sure there will be more pics to come!!

7 lbs. 10 oz. 21" long
April 27, 2010

We are so happy for Jaimi & Mike! Congratulations!!