July 31, 2009

Navajo Lake Pictures - July 2009

July 21, 2009

Mom’s Moment

July 2009

When Dallin and I were in Logan for the USU Piano Clinic, I received a link to a website about setting goals. I almost tossed it, but then decided to check it out. Here is some of the information I learned:

When trying to accomplish something (isn’t that what goal setting is about??), think M T O. (That does not mean “Monday, Tuesday, or Other day!”)

M = MINIMUM What is the MINIMUM you can do to start working on your goal? To use as illustration, imagine cleaning out the garage. What is a really minimal thing I can do to start working on the garage? Maybe it’s taking the worn out tire that’s been sitting in the corner for two years, and putting it out on the curb for garbage pickup. I can EASILY do that. This is the beauty of M-T-O. Even if we only accomplish the MINIMUM, we are a success!! Success breeds repeat behavior; …so does failure. Ever wonder why you keep repeating the same mistakes…

Now, look at T, which is TARGET. What is a bigger goal, but realistic, that would help you towards your ultimate goal? “Maybe I could take a garbage bag out to the garage, and fill ONE BAG each week with stuff that needs thrown out.” It’s a bigger-than-minimum goal, yet still realistic. Once we reach our MINIMUM goal, we start working on our TARGET goal. Again, we are spurred on by our success in achieving our reachable goals.

Lastly, we look at O, which is OUTRAGEOUS. What’s the “over-the-top” kind of thing that’s related to our goal? In the case of the garage, an OUTRAGEOUS thing would be to call Jeff Feltwell, the “King of OCD” (he seems to be obsessively & compulsively organized in his garage!) and ask him to come over and give me some suggestions on how to better organize and de-clutter the garage.

When I first thought of this “OUTRAGEOUS” part, it was just very funny to me and seemed exactly that – outrageous. However, as I continue to think about it and work towards my ultimate goal of cleaning out the garage, it doesn’t seem nearly so far-fetched, or even such a bad idea!

Now, putting this into application with other stuff…when I got back from Logan I felt very overwhelmed with all the stuff I needed to do. Everywhere I looked there was something else shouting at me, “PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!” And then I started to remember “M-T-O”. I started saying outloud, “Minimum!! Minimum!! Minimum!!” And I would quickly think of the minimum to cleaning the kitchen, unpacking, community garden, Primary Presidency, piano practicing, walking/running, and on and on. It was amazing what took place!!! I made LOTS of little steps towards things, and I didn’t feel like a failure!!! No, I didn’t get everything accomplished…in fact, I don’t think I finished anything. BUT, I did accomplish a lot as I did minimal things along the path of everything that needed doing. And I felt GREAT!!!! So, the next day I did the same thing…and the next, and the next!!

I’ve bottled 30 quarts of salsa, put up 15 pints of chili peppers, organized and got planted the community garden as well as our home garden (Fall corn and beans), gotten some decent piano practicing in, gone VTing, read the 6th volume of Harry Potter, and got the Swiss Days Parade Application done and into the City. AND we leave for camping at Navajo Lake tomorrow and it’s only THURSDAY!!

Remember: M – T – O will help you be successful in all that you’re trying to do!!