January 25, 2009

19 Rules

These rules are tied to eternal laws. They cannot be broken...we can only break ourselves against them if we live contrary to them. I hope these help each of us!

Rule #1
I will spend time deciding exactly what I want, and why. I will set aside all the reasons it may seem impossible, and all the reasons I think it may fail while I allow myself to imagine a wonderful new picture for my life.

I know that my passionate thoughts will emanate from my mind like radio waves, causing unseen things to happen on my behalf, – I will enjoy success in my mind and in my heart. I will feel the joy now; and I will know that these constructive thoughts are my little soldiers sent out to fight my battles ahead of me. They are preparing the way.

I know that there is no obstacle so great that there is not also a way prepared for me to succeed. There is always a way. If I can see it in my mind, and if it does not violate anyone else's agency, then it is possible. I will not give up until I find the way.

I know that I have all I need to get started, and that's all that matters. – Just like an acorn in the ground, I will act on my immediate surroundings. In time, my connections will lead me to obtain all I need to accomplish my grand design.
Remember Nephi and the plates, building a ship; the Sons of Mosiah and the Lamanites; there is Enos; the Brother of Jared, Captain Moroni, and many, many others! They all went to the Lord with the desires of their hearts and went forth, knowing it would be granted.

I will write it down.
I will "submit" my goal to the Master Chef. If you do not submit your order to the chef at a restaurant can you expect to get what you want? Not hardly, I will expect my results to come just as I "ordered"; therefore I will be careful to be completely specific in my description. The more specific the desire, the more amazed I will be when it comes; and as a result I will know that its realization was no coincidence. I am continually grateful to the Master for all I receive.

Rule #6
I know that whatever is needed to accomplish my goal will be drawn to me once I have planted the seed in my mind. I know that all I need is on its way... therefore, it is so.

Rule #7
Whatever my circumstances are, I can and will always choose my own thoughts. My eyes will be opened to see solutions and opportunities that would otherwise be hidden from my view. I expect to find that which I seek. It is my choice to maintain an expectant mind-set, which actually lights the way. Without an expectation, the way remains hidden in the darkness.

Rule #8
When I have a choice, I choose to believe.
It does me no harm to believe. If I am wrong, I will cross that bridge when I come to it. In the meantime, I have nothing to lose by believing. I choose to believe. It is a choice.

Rule #9
I will doubt not, and I will fear not. It just simply isn't good for me. Doubt and fear are emotions that can put me in harmony with the very thing I fear. I choose to dismiss fearful and doubtful thoughts because they are mental images of circumstances that may never happen. Why would I ever want to waste mental energy attracting something I don't want?

Rule #10
I will make sacrifices for wisdom, and I know that it will pay me well.
I expect to make sacrifices for wisdom. I eagerly make the necessary sacrifice because I know it will be worth the price. Wisdom may be one of the only things I will take with me when I pass on. An investment in my knowledge will pay great dividends.

Rule #11
I will get what I ask for out of life...I'll have the courage to ask.
I have nothing to lose by asking. If I hear "no," then I am no worse off than before. If I hear "yes," then I'll celebrate, and learn to expect "yes" more frequently.

Rule #12
I'll visualize the outcome, and the right people will do the right things to help it happen. It is not for me to know who the right people are. I do not manipulate people with my thoughts; I simply emanate the desires of my heart and move my feet. Others who can help me along the way are also helped by me to accomplish their goals as well.

Rule #13
I know that there is more than enough for everybody.
If the supply ever ran dry, more would be created out of the formless substance in the same way it was created in the beginning. There is no need for competition. By operating on a creative plane rather than a competitive plane, my eyes will continue to see opportunities and abundance. Only by my doubt and fear will I ever live in scarcity..

Rule #14
I'm expecting! I will allow my objective to happen at the right time.
Just as a baby in the womb needs time to develop, so does my new idea. I will be patient and allow it to grow at nature's pace. I want it to arrive fully formed, healthy and strong. If I must wait longer than expected, my anticipation will only increase and I will continue to prepare for its arrival.

Rule #15
I will write a detailed description of my life.
I will describe it just as I want it as though it has already happened, with a future date at the top like a journal entry. I will allow myself to feel gratitude as though it is already mine. I will experience it now.

Rule #16
I know that which I desire is looking for me!
Nature is friendly to my plans. I only have to go halfway, because that which I desire meets me in the middle. I know that as I continue to move toward the accomplishment of my goal, the outcome is approaching me just as rapidly.

Rule #17
I will scrutinize each word in my goal, or gratitude statement.
I will write a future date at the top: a date I hope to see the dream come true. The date is far enough away to be believable, but close enough to keep me awake at night. I will only choose words for my gratitude statement which make me think of the positive aspects of the dream. I will write in present tense, and describe how it feels "now that I enjoy" the success.
I will follow the format: "(Date): I am so happy and grateful now that I enjoy _________________________ because _________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.

Rule #18
Goal first – way second.
I will not select the goal based on a way I already have in mind. If I do, then I am not dreaming big enough. I will select the goal based on the desires of my heart. The way will come after the goal is properly set; after I have composed and internalized my gratitude statement.

Rule #19
I know exactly what fear is, and it doesn't stop me.
If I feel fear or anxiety related to achieving my goal, I know it's simply my subconscious mind wrestling with two contradictory truths such as "I am broke" and "I am wealthy." Fear is evidence that I have successfully turned over the new idea to my subconscious mind through emotion; and if I persist in spite of the fear, I will overcome old programming. In the face of anxiety, I will proceed anyway.
Mom's Moment
January 25, 2009

Somewhere in the back of my mind I had not paid attention to the fact that Jesus Christ is the great I AM. For some reason I was thinking it was God, the Eternal Father. As I think of it though, the Son does the Father's will in everything... in one of the verses of scripture I remember without looking up the reference it says, "if you have seen me, you have seen the Father..." In nearly all references in the scriptures, when it says "God" it is referring to Jehovah, or Jesus Christ.

Now, getting on with my point, we know Lucifer was not happy or pleased with Christ being chosen for our Heavenly Father's plan in the pre-mortal existence. Did you know that Lucifer means "son of the morning" as well as "light bringer"? He was very important, and yet, because of his choices to rebel against our Heavenly Father, he was cast out, never to receive a mortal body. His name became Satan, which means "slanderer" and "spoiler." Instead of bringing light, he sets out to deceive, to make miserable, and to destroy each of our Heavenly Father's children! And he's having a lot of success!
Satan wanted our Heavenly Father's glory...Satan wanted to be chosen over Christ–he wasn't. So, being the spoiler, the slanderer, he settles for deceiving us into thinking "wrongly" -- he presents his thoughts in our minds as if they are really our thoughts. He is the great liar, the great deceiver -- he is NOT the great I AM.
Satan does everything in his power to belittle us, degrade us – doing so most effectively by what we hear in our heads and think we are telling ourselves. LISTEN to what gets said, then consider the source!! If it is negative, discouraging, self-deprecating (putting yourself down!), frustrated, irritated, angry, impatient, etc. etc., I guarantee you it's NOT from our Heavenly Father!!!

Many times we think it is "us" with those thoughts - - "I am so mad"; "I am so frustrated"; "I am so irritated"; or how about "You make me so mad!" "You are so stupid!" "You are so selfish!" "You are so stubborn!" – the list goes on and on. The adversary is expert at his endeavors!! But we are not helpless. The gospel truly does have the answers, but sometimes we don't recognize them because they are so simple!!
In the Bible Dictionary it says the following:
Since the devil and his premortal angels have no physical body of flesh and bones, they often seek to possess the bodies of mortal beings. There are many such instances recorded in scripture (Matt. 9: 32; Matt. 12: 22; Mark 1: 24; Mark 5: 7; Luke 8: 30; Acts 19: 15; cf. Mosiah 3: 6).
Such can be evicted by the power of faith in Jesus Christ and the exercise of the holy priesthood. Jesus gave this power to his disciples.
(Matt. 10: 1; Mark 16: 17; Luke 10: 17; Acts 5: 16; D&C 84: 67).
So, I hope we learn to be very careful when we start thinking thoughts of "I am..." statements. If they are derogatory, demeaning, or negative we can pretty well bet they come from the adversary. Sure, there are lots of things that we can work on and improve upon. But our Savior, and our Heavenly Father NEVER talk in that way.
We may get reprimanded at times, being told directly to stop, or to change, or whatever! But it is NEVER done in a deceptive way, making us think badly about ourselves. When we receive revelation from the right source, it is always (in my experience) from the outside in. I KNOW it isn't "my thoughts"; even though sometimes they may be very quiet inspirations that come. True revelation/inspiration never deceives!

January 18, 2009

Mom's Moment
January 18, 2009

Engaged/engagement is an interesting word! Sometimes it's a declaration of intent, as in "Amelia and Jared are engaged!" There is a very different feeling when we say "The army was engaged in war." However, the engagement I want to talk about has to do with communication.

Tracy Whelchel's husband works for Mars Corporation. (Did you know they're a HUGE producer of pet food?!?! And I thought they just made candy! Silly me!) Large corporations deal with huge employee (human resource) departments. They have people whose job it is to train employees to do a better job doing the job they were hired to do. (Huh?!)

Anyway, one of the things Mars Corp. does is a great deal of training of their employees to be better communicators. I LIKE that! Communication is so important, and it's not always the easiest thing to do.

Mars says - When you have something important to discuss, the best case scenario is NOT over the phone, or via email, or fax or letter. Important/difficult discussions are much better done in person. Why is that? Here are just a few reasons:

Eye contact - conveys interest/attention without saying a word. It can also indicate understanding or lack of understanding.
Facial Expression - same as above
Body Language - conveys many things not spoken

Undivided attention - When we communicate in person we KNOW if we have a person's undivided attention or not. Over the phone we may not have that understanding, and it can create unnecessary problems. Always be "engaged" in the conversation you are initiating or are participating in.

Offering occasional words of encouragement/or lack of understanding/seeking for clarification all help us understand each other better.

Kyle Ottmann was here for Family Council and for dinner and shared, "If it were a business meeting we would shake the other person's hand; or if it were someone telling us about a death or other personal matter we might want to offer sympathy through a hug." These were two great supporting ideas!!

Anyway, these are just a few of the things that will help each of us be better communicators with each other, and those around us.

P.S. And NEVER, EVER LIE TO YOUR MOTHER!!! It will NEVER improve a situation!! :-)

January 11, 2009


Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile.
It is the ultimate anti-depressant.

Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
(Buy a lock if you have to.)

When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement,
"My purpose is to __________________________ today."

Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that
is manufactured in plants.

Drink plenty of water. Eat blueberries, broccoli, and almonds. Drink more water!

Try to make at least three people smile each day.

Find at least one way to bless the life of someone else today.

January 4, 2009

Mom’s Moment
January 4, 2009

Hope this helps each of us pay a little more attention to what we're doing with the time we have here on earth. Sometimes time can crawl at a very slow rate of speed. Other times it flies by!! Dad and I just celebrated our 29th anniversary, and we did our 2nd "10 year predictions/evaluations". It seems like a BLINK ago that Denzel was 8 and we were making predictions like "Rod WON'T be the bishop..." Boy, we were WAY off!!! We also didn't come close to predicting Kristy and Amelia would be involved in dance at all! Or that we'd have anything to do with a bunch of horses like we have, or that I would EVER teach piano lessons...and love it. We also NEVER guessed we'd ever own a grand piano!
We have been very blessed to have kept this record since April 3, 1988 (it started with April General Conference for some reason)!
So, please keep a record of your evaluations...find a notebook or something that you'll keep just for that purpose. It is priceless!!

Have you thought of doing a "personal inventory" at the end of the year, or the beginning of a new year? It’s a good way to take an honest look at yourself, what you’re doing well, what you have learned, and perhaps help you look at things you need to fix, improve or do better with.
Here are some suggestions to help with the process:
This past year I learned:______________________________________________
I improved_______________________________________________________
Think along the lines of the Medicine Wheel– physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually -- then look at: attitude, behavior, communication, desires (appetites/passions/addictions), ego, and family/friends.
Don’t be too hard on yourself, but also try to be realistic. If you want to use the point system to help with evaluation do so on a scale of 1-9. One being low and needing lots of improvement, nine being high and doing well.
Once you have scored yourself, see what you’re doing well with, and also the areas that need some improvement.
Choose a few things you would like to work on and set some goals. Then refer back to the 19 Rules