June 19, 2017


Day One - Monday...Dad and I arrived around 3:00 to BLOWING, COLD WIND!!  We sat in the truck, watching the waves and birds on the lake while the truck was buffeted around...and we listened to our really good mystery!  When things calmed down a bit, we got out, cooked some dinner and set up camp.  It worked out well, there was no rush, I was grateful for a warm and comfortable bed...and ear plugs!!  I had no idea that the wind blew until nearly 5:00 a.m. Tuesday morning!!

Day Two- Tuesday... we got up early, put our church clothes on and headed to the Manti Temple, just 10 minutes away.  It's been over 37 years since we were last there...Malcolm and Michele Hunt's wedding!  It was the PERFECT way to start our family vacation. 

Afterwards, Rod and I walked around the temple and saw the 8,000+ chairs setup for the Miracle Pageant that would be opening on Thursday night.  There was a man there that we visited a bit with.  After a few questions here and there, he disclosed that he did was part of the cast for the Pageant.  I pressed a little further and asked which part he played.  Duh, I should have guessed...tall, soft-spoken, had a beard...yep, he has played the Savior for several years.  We had a nice visit with him!

Driving back through Manti, we passed the Manti Tabernacle that my great-great-great grandfather, William Kilshaw Barton worked on.  He was a stone mason and carved the arched carving above the higher window...it has an eye at the top, "erected 1879" and two clasped hands below that.

When we got back to camp, we made breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, and enjoyed a warmer day!

Everyone started arriving mid-afternoon on Tuesday!  It sure was fun to have nearly all of our children there...missed Jaimi and her family, and I'm sure Denz popped in and out a few times...maybe even deflecting the water balloon (that's another story)!!

Each day we had a Treasure Hunt...whenever the grandkids spotted my "special treasure hunt necklace" they would shout, "TREASURE HUNT!!!"  And then they would get the first clue.  There were puzzles and tootsie rolls, Ding Dongs and dinosaurs, bubbles and fruit snacks, T-shirts to paint, and we even did a "Service" treasure hunt so the kids could experience another side of finding treasures...picking up trash...giving rides in the wagon, holding hands and finding things as a TEAM, etc.!  They loved it!


And of course, there was our traditional "Girls Walk Around The Lake!"

We also managed to pull off a 2017 Family Picture...full version coming soon thanks to Dallin's photography skills...but I took a few with my trusty water camera...sweet grandkids!!!

Time to go on a hike...to MANTI CITY...or at least the top of the hill...*_*

And, of course, there was lots of swimming and playing on the water!!

Sweet Mila enjoyed being a part of this wonderful camping trip...so many great memories, fun times, good food, and bonds of love strengthened!!!  We sure love our family!!  Looking forward to many more memorable times together!!

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