March 2, 2017

Sweet Baby Mila Arrives

How is it possible that Amelia and Hans have had all three of their babies on a Wednesday?!?!  Amazing!  And that it has always fit right in with my schedule!  How thoughtful of these babies!  I had just finished teaching for the afternoon, and started to make dinner when Amelia called to give me a "heads-up" on her contractions "...pretty consistent but not very just sit tight and we'll see...oh, and they're 3 minutes apart..."  I finished making dinner, but packed mine and left...for the library, with my crocheting.  I sat at the library for nearly 15 minutes before getting the phone call to head to the hospital...I called Nat and she met me there...we ate my dinner, then Mil called to come in.  I was so happy to be there as Mil's birth coach and to help her through another delivery!  What an honor!!