June 13, 2016

Palisade Camping Trip 2016

Another great family vacation!!!

 I arrived a few hours before Rod...and then Dallin and Erika...so I enjoyed the view from my hammock!  BEAUTIFUL!!

I drove out to the cell "hot spot" where I could check on the renovations being done at home with MaryAnn riding shotgun for me!!  It was a very relaxing way to finish up the cabinet and countertop installation, flooring, tile (oops!  I forgot to order the tile...but it worked out extremely well...), and doorknobs and hinges changed out.  THANK YOU, MARYANN!!!

Time to return the paddle boats and finsh up the packing....

Family pictures with the storm that was getting closer and closer ...

Good thing everything was ALL packed by the time this thing hit with a vengeance!!

 LEAVING IN THE NICK OF TIME!!!  Never saw whitecaps at Palisade Lake before this trip!!
See you again next year!!