February 16, 2015

I NEVER Thought of THAT!!

A couple of Sundays ago we had a very interesting lesson in Relief Society, at the request of our Stake President, to communicate a very important gospel principle.  I'm nearly 59 years old and I had never heard this nor thought about it until that lesson...and yet, it makes perfect sense, and I was so grateful for having been in Church and receiving this "instruction."

When we take the Sacrament each week, we know we are renewing our baptismal covenants that we made at the time we were baptized, whether that was when we were 8 years old, or later, when we joined the Church.

When we go to the Temple the first time we receive our own endowment, but each time we go after that, we are being reminded of our temple covenants as we perform the work for our deceased ancestors.  We are not renewing them.  

We renew EVERY covenant we have made with the Lord, be it baptismal or temple, when we partake of the sacrament each week...which is why it is SO important to attend our church meetings and contemplate this renewal process.

Have you ever wished you could have a "clean slate" like when you were baptized????  Well, you do have one each Sunday as you partake of the Sacrament worthily and with awareness.  

Such a simple, yet profound, blessing in our lives!!


February 14, 2015


Yep, we even have a Valentines tradition in our family...I'm not sure when our first dinner was...but we've had them from at least 2004 to date...so that makes 11 years!!  Each has their own fond memories for us...like the time Amelia's boyfriend sent her a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of roses...and I sat at the dinner table feeling badly that my daughter got flowers and I didn't...but my sweet husband has made sure that NEVER happened again!!

And then there was the year that I told all the kids I would be arranging "special dates" for them the following year...and I did!!  No one knew who would be coming to our dinner except me...and it was MEMORABLE!

We have taken our Valentines Dinner up north when most of the kids couldn't come down...and in hindsight we were SO grateful we did, as it was Denzel's last Family Dinner with nearly everyone

so this year just adds to the memories!! Lots of help from Rod and the kids helping get things ready in spite of my broken arm...and it was SO much fun.  Many of the pictures are taken from Dezmond's lower profile...and different perspective!!  We sure LOVE our family...and enjoy getting together...even if everyone can't be here all of the time!!  

We were happy to have Hans, Amelia, Dezmond, Cayman, and Granny Adams, Nat & Rj, Julie Schram, MaryAnn & Gary Zabriskie, and Rod and I all together!.