June 7, 2014

MOM'S and the FBI!!

A couple of weeks ago I put something on the window that said:


Well, shortly after that I got an email from Elder Hunt saying that he got "locked out" of his Facebook account because he tried to log-in (with his mission president's permission!) from out of the country.  I guess FB wanted to make sure the account wasn't being hijacked, so they required him to enter the verification code they sent to his cell phone.  Only problem was he hasn't had that cell phone number for the past two years!!  Sooooo, he asked me to see what I could do...

I called the old cell number...no answer.
I texted the old cell number...no answer.
I called again, and texted again...same response...nothing.

I knew Elder Hunt needed access for his missionary work and that time was of the essence, so I went online and did a reverse number search.  It showed the number was located in St. George, but I'd have to PAY to get the information.  Big decision.  It cost me ninety-five CENTS!!  Best almost-dollar I've ever spent.

It was registered to a Hispanic man...and I got his address.  I called Jacqui, and asked for her assistance.  She called the number and left a message in Spanish, and also texted in Spanish...no answer!  So, we drove over to the address.  Sure enough, the man who answered the door spoke very little English, so Jacqui talked and talked, explaining the situation.  The man checked his phone and there was a verification code on it from back in APRIL...after several minutes he realized that his phone number wasn't the one we were trying to track down.  He talked with his wife, and then he remembered an old cell phone...that his nephew was using.  He called his nephew and VOILE!!!  He had the received the verification code.  The man wrote it down for me, I sent it via email to Elder Hunt, and after just a few short minutes, I received an email back saying, "I'm in!!"

Jacqui and I laughed as we got in the car to drive home, so happy with our sleuthing skills.  Jacqui said, "The FBI should hire us!!  We would look really good in black trench coats!!"  Not sure I really want that job, but I was so happy that we could get things straightened out for Elder Hunt!!  HOORAY!!

June 5, 2014

FAMILY VACATION - Palisade Lake 2014

Family vacations are one of the most important "traditions" our family has had over the past 35 years.  Rod took Denzel camping for Father's and Son's outing when he was 1.5 years old...then we took Denzel and Jaimi camping at Zion National Park when Denz was 2 and Jaimi was a baby.  We've been doing camping trips and other things for family vacation ever since.  And oh, the memories we have!!!

Here are some of the most recent from our 2014 Palisade Lake Camping trip:
(There were 350 GOOD pictures from this trip....so I cut down by using collages...)

Just getting unloaded...and having a snack with Dezmond...

Perfect weather, great lake, and wonderful company!

Grass camping...the only way to go!!

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Amelia doesn't look due in 4 weeks!!!  And that Dezmond boy has learned to say "Cheese!"

Smashed tailbone (Mom's) doesn't make for fun jumping shots. . . 

...so Mom became the photographer!!!   (And WHAT is Amelia doing...oh yeah, a handstand when she's 8 months pg!)

Oakley loved all the snacks she got (stole) from the kids!!

Our traditional "girls' walk around the lake" resulted in a few photo shoots!

Yes, we even went golfing to humor Hans...but he was the one laughing hardest at our great inabilities!!!

Popping fires burn holes into clothes, but presents are sure fun to open!!

Dezmond is the "pancake King",  and he LOVED being Grandma's helper!!!

TWO SIDES TO EVERY FAMILY???  At least two sides!!  *_*

One day was spent at Seven Peaks in Provo. . . 

LOTS of fun there!!

But it was nice to go back to our quiet camping sites!

Canoeing in the late afternoon/evening was incredibly relaxing and beautiful!!
These girls ALL loved camping and playing together...Brandon enjoyed the food...and playing!!

Many of the kids had to pack up and leave early in the morning...but Nat, Rj, Dad and I stayed, swam in the lake, and enjoyed the beauty just a bit longer!!

Before we headed back to Santa Clara, Rod and I went on a geocache hunt...which led us to one above the Manti Temple.  It was a great little hike up a dirt road, and I was able to leave the travel bug that had been placed in the Denzel Hunt geocache in Snow Canyon State Park!  We had a 3 hour drive home, and Jaida was SOOOO happy to see us!!

Thanks for the incredible memories, meals, and many other things!!!
Don't forget to put this on your calendar for next year!!  we love you all!!!

Dad and Mom