August 5, 2013


Our "first timers" date with the Sand Hollow Yacht Club finally arrived...August 3, 2013!!  Dad and I drove out to Sand Hollow and we were grateful for our annual pass to all the Utah State Parks!!  We drove to the designated area, but weren't sure if we were in the right place...only one sailboat was sitting on a truck trailer WAAAAAYYY off over a bunch of least from where we could park our car.  We drove around a bit and didn't see any other sailboats anywhere, so we went back and walked across the very hot sand to the lone sailboat.  We met Hal Stead, who said we were in the right place.  Hooray!!
We helped him get his sailboat set up, and just as we finished, Raul Hevia, his wife Lori, and their son, Rocco pulled up with there THREE sailboats!  Soon enough we were ready to go out on the water!!  Hal did a great job of making us feel comfortable, and teaching us some things about sailing.  After awhile, we came back to shore, ate some food, then headed back out with Raul, since the wind was pretty good!  Raul taught us some more, and gave us a chance to try things out, which was fun.  When we came back to shore the second time, Raul suggested we take his smaller boat out by ourselves and see what we could do.  Rod and I were both excited, and a little nervous, but really wanted to try it by ourselves.  So we went out!
 What a blast!!!  I guess it's like most other stuff...there's nothing quite like trying it yourself to learn how to do something!!  We paid attention to the stuff Hal and Raul had taught us and we felt very comfortable sailing across the lake!  It was beautiful.  We turned around at one point, passed Hal just as he flipped his catamaran over (trying to video AND sail at the same time...a gust came up and dumped him over!)  We circled him twice (which isn't the easiest thing to do, but we did it!!) and it was cool to watch how he flipped the catamaran back upright.

It was a GREAT time!!  Hope you kids will come with us to Kolob Reservoir for our next outing...a campout and sailing Friday and Saturday!!   (I hope the horses don't feel neglected!!)