March 17, 2012

Mom's 56th Birthday...

Nat and I drove home Thursday night for a few different reasons...but mainly because of my birthday and the Spectrum 10k run on the 17th (surprise gift registration for the race from Natalee!)

Lots of fun birthday wishes from friends and family, gifts, and kindnesses!

Nat went overboard to make my birthday very special:  breakfast in bed, signs, presents, etc.  It was a fun day even though a lot of the family were spread out.  

I absolutely LOVED the BYU Rugby shirt Rod and Dallin got me!!

I got to take three different rides out on my birthday!  It was SO fun being with Trevor, Nichole, and Brock (and my student, Alex!)  Missed having Mason and Bridger along!!  Maybe next time!
 Nat and I ran the Spectrum 10K early Saturday morning before driving back up to Mapleton that afternoon.  She did great and pushed me to finish well!  Thanks for a great birthday, Nat!!

March 14, 2012

Post Surgery Update...

We ended up spending nearly two weeks in Mapleton!   Thanks to Dan and Janet and family for their hospitality and help!!  It was SO nice being there with you, and feeling of your love and support!!

The family helps Dal unwrap his leg for the first time...BEAUTIFUL!!

Dad and I went to Brandon's and Tannya's for a brief visit...great photo op with Nikki!!
                                                                                                       This is how Dal and Nat REALLY feel about his leg being such a mess!!

March 11, 2012

Dal's Knee Surgery

Even the bad stuff is good stuff when it makes for great memories!!  Surgery included!  Dal pointed out that, historically speaking, whenever he has had major medical events it has always occurred around Spring Break!  I wonder if I should punch him in his good leg for all of the ruined vacations!!

I drove up early Friday morning and arrived in Provo at 10:00.  Picked Dal up and drove to the surgery center.  waited for 2 hours before actually getting into surgery, a 2 1/2 hour surgery, and then post-op time had us leaving the center a few minutes before 6:00 p.m.  Fun day...
(Pain levels have been rather intense the first 24 hours, but are starting to taper off now...every 5 hours rather than every 2 hours...)

Friday evening the cousins came over and helped "entertain" the patient!  We all had fun together, and Dal enjoyed having people around him...even though he was just a tad "foggy."

"SLEEP OVER" time on the floor!  And, of course, there was "BATH TIME" when Dal was starting to feel a bit grungy (a good sign!)

Saturday afternoon we had a fun time at the BYU vs. Air Force rugby match.  A  few weeks ago our family thought we'd be attending the match to watch Dallin PLAY!!  Change of plans...

When Dallin was insistent, pre-surgery, that he would be going to the game less than 24 hours post-surgery, I just bit my tongue thinking the pain level would be the deciding factor.  Not so much!  The "rugby brotherhood" is a much stronger influence than pain!  We went to the game!!    But the pictures tell the real story!

Great memories!  And here's to a SPEEDY RECOVERY, DALLIN!!