July 31, 2011

Nikki the Cowgirl!

We came back from Denver via Mapleton and South Weber...we wanted to run up and see Brandon's and Tannya's new house since they moved in a couple of weeks ago...and of course we had to bring something cute for Nikki.  Nat and I thought the Cal Ranch Store was the perfect place to stop.  The pictures tell the rest of the story. . .

July 30, 2011

Denver, and beyond. . .

Dad and I had a wonderful trip to Denver! We loved the few days we had visiting with Malcolm and Michele and family.
We saw some cool petroglyphs on our way there, too!
It was fun playing racquetball, working out at the gym and swimming; but most of all just relaxing and visiting without any stress of "doing something..."

July 25, 2011

Hauling Hay...

Rick Hafen called to say they had some piles of hay we could go pick up if we wanted, so Dad and I drove down to their field and picked up all the piles. We ended up with a tromped down pick-up load! Hooray for free hay!
From Hauling Hay

Nat helped us unload and we played with Kodiak for a few minutes, too! She is SO much fun!
From Hauling Hay

July 22, 2011


We sure were excited to be in Rexburg for Amelia's graduation!! We are so proud of her!

From Millie Graduates!

My little camera does alright sometimes! I think Sue was looking at us! Ha!!
From Millie Graduates!

BEAUTIFUL graduate!!
From Millie Graduates!

Moving Hans and Amelia

Dad and I drove up a couple days early to help Millie and Hans start packing up their stuff from their apartment. It was really nice to have the time to do things a bit at a time. It was such a relaxing trip for Dad and I, and we managed to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery right outside Sue's and Kim's front door!

From Idaho
Here are the pictures from some of the loading:


As you may know, I've received a couple of phone calls from one of the BYU Rugby coaches wanting to talk about Dallin coming to BYU and playing BYU rugby.  Talk about his dream come true!!  There was only one problem:  TUITION!!

The succinct version is that we discovered a half-tuition scholarship on Dallin's BYU account that had been offered back in April.  We had never received a letter about that and didn't know it was even there!  After Dallin called the Financial Aid office and completed a couple things on the FAFSA, he was approved for the other half of tuition!!

So, we apologize to UVU...the scholarships he had there were going to be very helpful.  But BYU is definitely Dallin's first choice, and I don't think he could be more excited if he tried!!  Dad and I are VERY happy for him!  (Now, if we can just get the housing to work out. . . )

July 20, 2011

Painted Windows...

So, I didn't have anything on the front window for one whole day...and this is what we discovered after church last Sunday:

From window

I quickly responded with SOMETHING for Pioneer Day!

From window

July 17, 2011

7th Paragraph - The Living Christ

How's everyone coming with memorizing????  Try to memorize AT LEAST the 1st paragraph.  You will be SO glad you did!  Here's the 7th paragraph and then the other six!!

We solemnly testify that His life, which is central to all human history, neither began in Bethlehem nor concluded on Calvary.  He was the Firstborn of the Father, the Only Begotten Son in the flesh, the Redeem of the world.

As we commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ two millenia ago, we offer our testimony of the reality of His matchless life, and the infinite virtue of His great atoning sacrifice.  None other has had so profound an influence upon all who have lived, or who will yet live upon the earth.

He was the Great Jehovah of the Old Testament; the Messiah of the New.  Under the direction of His Father he created the Earth.  All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.

Though sinless, He was baptized to fulfill all righteousness.  He went about doing good, yet was despised for it.

His gospel was a message of peace and goodwill.  He entreated all to follow His example.  He walked the streets of Palestine, healing the sick, causing the blind to see, and raising the dead.

He taught the truths of eternity, the reality of our premortal existence, the purpose of our life on earth, and the potential for the sons and daughters of God in the life to come.

He instituted the sacrament as a reminder of His great atoning sacrifice.
He was arrested and condemned on spurious charges, convicted to satisfy a mob, and sentenced to die on Calvary's cross.
He gave His life to atone for the sins of all mankind.  His was a great vicarious gift in behalf of all who would ever live upon the earth.

July 16, 2011

PINE VALLEY and the Horses!

So, as many of you know, I needed to buy cubes for the horses since I was down to 2 bales of hale and no cubes.  This time last year cubes were $120/ton.  In March of this year I paid $180/ton.  I wasn't thrilled!  Well. . .  the cubes are currently selling at $250/ton!!  OUCH!!!

Luckily, Sheldon Wittwer said we could bring the horses up there for a month or two to help eat some of the grass and stuff growing on their land.  So Nat and I did!!  

We had a fun time riding around and looking at some really beautiful "summer homes."  You might be able to tell which one Natalee chose as hers!!           
I was VERY tempted to jump in the pond at the same house.  It was DEEP and beautiful!!  Maybe next time!

 When we turned the horses loose (including Red Star and her filly, Stormy), all of the horses took off running.  It was like a wild stampede as they ran through the hills, then down past the cabin, and back up again.  When they came charging up the road, I was surprised to see Stormy leading the pack and FLYING!!  I hope she didn't get too tired out!

AND we found Kirk and Joan Smith's place and had a nice visit with them.  They are LOVING living in Pine Valley!

July 12, 2011


EGGS. . . from our chickens!!  We had NO IDEA they were laying already!!  They're only 4 months old!  HOORAY FOR FRESH EGGS!!!


EGGS. . . from our chickens!!  We had NO IDEA they were laying already!!  They're only 4 months old!  HOORAY FOR FRESH EGGS!!!

July 11, 2011

Stormy's First Ride...and Jaimi's Birthday!!

Well, today was a first and a last...Stormy's first outing from the corrals and Jaimi's last 20-something birthday!!  Hope you had a great day, Jaimi!!

Nat had to work a bit late tonight so it was 8:00 p.m. before we got down to the corrals and horses.  I was wondering how Stormy would do loading in the horse trailer for the first time.  

With Nat's help, she did great and it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it might!!

 Here are some of the pictures of our little outing!  It seemed that each of the horses loved getting out!!  And Stormy was SO fun to watch as she raced right along with us.  (We didn't go too fast, but did move along a bit!)

Just in case you're wondering, Stormy is barely 3 months old as of the 9th of July.  Mom and baby did SO well!!

 Hope you enjoy being a part of Stormy's adventures!!

July 9, 2011

Remember Hearing THIS Story?

With all the pioneer/genealogy work Dad has been doing, he pulled out a book that had different "news articles" from long ago.  I thought I'd include this article about Joseph Burk (Grandma Hunt's dad), word for word:

From Apache County Historical Society Quarterly
Double Tragedy in Springerville
     On May 16, 1916, Joseph Burk, 28 years of age, his two cousins, Elija and Commodore Everett, Lonnie Trammel and Grover Atkins, all of Springerville, were out in a boat on Becker's Lake.  The boat capsized and Lonnie and Elija, who was crippled, were drowned.
     Grover and Commodore were able to swim to shore.  Joe, who had on rubber boots, went to the bottom of the lake.  He said he walked, counting his steps so he wouldn't stay down too long, come up for air then go to the bottom again to walk until he reached the shallow water.  Commodore put a long board out to Joe and he grabbed it and Commodore pulled him on in to shore.

  Joe was completely exhausted and lay on the bank vomiting water and trying to get his breath while one of the men ran to the Tom Phelps home for help.  He said it seemed like hours that he was at the bottom of the lake.  When he was taken to his parents' home they had large fires built in both fireplaces and every stove so that they could warm the chilled and sick young man.

 The entire community was shocked and saddened by the double tragedy.

We took these pictures in February 2010 when Dad and I went to Springerville for Aunt Elda's (Grandpa Hunt's sister) funeral.

Why am I so sore today?!?!

Could this possibly be the reason?!?!

Megan Amundsen, Madi Yates (new family in Brower's home...) and I rode out from the corrals (with saddles!) out to Anasazi Ridge and then back through Ivins.  

Then we brought the horses to the house to wash them, and rode bareback to the corrals.

Fun, but my traps sure are sore today!!!

(Or perhaps it was cleaning the downstairs!  It is beautifully clean for the first time in 23 years!!  Maybe I should say it has STAYED CLEAN for the first time in 23 years!  ^_^ )

6TH Paragraph - The Living Christ

(hint:  6th = instituted sacrament; sacrifice; spurious; satisfy; sentenced.  Think alliteration!)

He instituted the sacrament as a reminder of His great atoning sacrifice.
He was arrested and condemned on spurious charges, convicted to satisfy a mob, and sentenced to die on Calvary's cross.
He gave His life to atone for the sins of all mankind.  his was a great vicarious gift in behalf of all who would ever live upon the earth.

July 7, 2011


We have SEVEN children, and currently all SEVEN children are living in SEVEN DIFFERENT STATES (or countries!)

As Dad and I prayed for each one of you this evening (and your families), we realized that we are currently spread out over a good part of the world!  Wow!!!  We are thankful for the far-reaching protective blessings of our Heavenly Father.  We pray each of you will remember our Heavenly Father, and turn to Him for counsel, guidance and protection!

SALSA. . . the last hurrah!!

 With Dallin leaving for the east coast, I wanted to do something memorable with him . . .Of course I thought of SALSA!!

Yup, the first tomatoes are ripe in our garden and there were just enough to make a nice batch of the tasty pasty!  Harrison was a trooper and joined in with the fun times.   
Bring back memories for any of you???

It ended up a small batch of only 7 quarts, which took a mere 40 minutes until everything was in the pot, cooking for the afternoon. 

   (Brandon still takes the cake with agreeing to help me make a batch shortly before his mission as long as he could put in as many peppers as he wanted.  That batch was definitely WARM!  But also a great memory!)

Dad and I took Dallin and Talisha (the friend who's father he is working for) to the St. George airport.  We sure love our VERY quiet airport.  Talk about no stress!!  In fact, we forgot to even take pictures!
Oh well. . .  We are excited for Dal to have this opportunity.

AND. . .  Nat left for a four day trip to California with Kjerst, RJ and Kaison.  Dad and I are HOME ALONE!!  WAHOO!!!  (Now WHERE did I put that "sexy dress" that Dallin was complaining about a few Sundays ago?!?!)

July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

LOTS of fun in a short amount of time!!

Friday evening we went to see "BUCK" (a documentary horse film that was excellent!) with many of the gang, and then had a light dinner at Wendy's just behind the theater...

Saturday morning we went up to Clinton to see my mom and dad; Millie and I colored our hair while we were there! (I'm crossing my fingers...in case you're wondering!)

We met up with Brandon and had lunch at Bajio, then we went with him to see their new house.  Talk about a perfect location and a great house!  VERY NICE!!  We are so happy and excited for Brandon, Tannya and Nikki!!  (Wish we would have thought to take some pictures!!)

Late Saturday afternoon we made it to Mapleton for a barbecue with both sets of Bartons.  We ate, visited, played some games, sat around the firepit outside and shared stories and finally went to bed.

Went to church together at Dan's and Janet's ward; had a nice Fast Sunday dinner afterwards.

Monday morning we went bright and early to the Freedom Festival parade in Provo.  The balloon launch didn't happen because of some weird wind patterns.  But the parade was fun and we enjoyed being together.

Too bad Dallin had to work so he couldn't come along...but he had fun feeding the animals (horses, chickens and dog!) and hanging out with his friends!
(This turkey buzzard was on a neighbor's rooftop when we pulled up.  VERY appropriate!)