April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend. . .

What an action packed weekend!! Dad and I drove to Layton Friday afternoon (after I performed at the college...again!) We got in at Linda's and Monty's a bit after 6:00 so that wasn't bad. We had some dinner and watched the Tales of Narnia. It was a good show with lots of gospel correlations!!

Saturday morning Dad and I spent some time at Grandfather's and Grandmother's. I colored her hair and Dad and Grandfather spent some time walking around and visiting the neighbors. Then we jetted over to Dallin's rugby game. That was more fun than usual to watch because Nikki brought her parents to watch the game too.

Dallin played well if the evidence of mud all over him is any indication! His team did the Hauka afterwards that they are learning. It was pretty cool!

Then we drove out to see Hilary (Schram) Felsted's new baby boy! Julie is a GRANDMA, again!!

After that we headed home and got things ready for Easter Sunday AND Kristy's 24th birthday!! The kids loved the Easter Egg Hunt that we did before breakfast, then we had Kristy's breakfast complete with strawberry crepes and bacon. YUM!! After church we had turkey (I totally forgot about stuffing until just now! Drat!!), mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed veggies, salad, AND homemade BLACKBERRY PIE for dessert! We LOVE birthdays at our house!!! Wish the rest of you could have been here! Hopefully the pictures will make you feel like you were!!

April 16, 2011

Dr. Nat & The Woosie Girl!

Kristy gashed her leg open nearly two weeks ago, and had to get stitches. Luckily Natalee happened to be at the doctor's office at the same time, putting her application in for a phlebotomy position...She ended up holding Kristy's hand while the doctor stitched her up.

April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Amelia!!

Today was Amelia's 22nd birthday!! Shout Hooray!! We had a wonderful birthday breakfast, a great dinner, complete with strawberry pie (sorry to you kids who missed out. . .more for the rest of us!!), and some fun playing horseshoes down at the corrals! Dad even got some ringers!! (The rest of us STINK at horseshoes!)

Hope you enjoy the pics! (Kristy had so much fun it wore her out!)

April 12, 2011

April 9, 2011

Stormy Sue arrives!!

Soooo, the vet and our very experienced ferrier were wrong!!  Red Star foaled less than 24 hours after they each said it would probably be another week!  Hooray!!  She is beautiful!  Smoky brown head and legs, with two white hind feet.  She is VERY sweet!!  It's been rainy the past two days, so the corrals are a bit boggy, but Red Star foaled on the fresh straw Nat had put down for her, and Stormy was perfectly clean when we came down a little after 9:00 a.m.


April 6, 2011

Relentless in enduring trials...

As most of you have observed, Dad reads books between his naps (or he naps as he reads!) after school and while watching TV that he's not interested in.  One of those books is very close to his heart.  It's called "Relentless" and it's written by one of Dad's high school friends and fellow teammates, Richard Crum.

I want to give you my condensed version, knowing bits and pieces of this story over the 31 years Dad and I have been married, plus the tidbits Dad has shared since reading the book.

Richard and Dad were part of the basketball team playing for the 2A State Championship Basketball title in 1972 in New Mexico.  There were only a few seconds left when Richard stole the ball from the opposing team and drove in for the easy lay-up and the winning points . . . but he missed, and their team lost the championship game by one point.  What a tremendous disappointment that was for the entire team, but especially hard for Richard.  I am sure there were countless hours of "if only" thoughts on Richard's part.  I remember hearing this basketball story a few times and wonder how Richard dealt with that.

Fast-forward several years after Richard is married, they have a few children, and then a son is born to Richard and his wife, whose hand is deformed, basically a stump.  I wonder if they had "if only" thoughts then.

(How do we handle adversity in our lives?  Do we mope about what we didn't get, or what COULD have been, or what SHOULD have been?)

Apparently Richard and his wife handled their "trials and adversities" well, teaching each of their children they could accomplish what they set their minds to:  Dax Crum, their "one-handed" son, "walked on" at SUU, was relentless in his work ethic and desire to play Division I basketball.  After five years of continuous effort, heartache, disappointment, and struggles Dax became the first one-handed, full-tuition scholarship starter on SUU's basketball team!!

Because Dad grew up with Richard, he knows him well, and knows some of the struggles Richard has faced.  The book tells some of "the rest of the story."  Dax is a great example of never giving up and overcoming what we, and others, may think of as our weaknesses.  If he would have quit every time he had a coach who thought his one-handedness was a problem, he would never have played.

"Tough times never last, but tough people do."  I hope you will be "tough" when discouraging times come.  Keep your eyes on the things you want to accomplish, and then GO FOR IT!!


P.S.  The book is called "Relentless"  The Story of Dax Crum as told by his father, Richard Crum and you can find it online!  ^_^

April 3, 2011

Mom's Travels. . .and then some!

So, I left Thursday evening after teaching lessons and made it into Mapleton before 10 p.m.  Enjoyed sleeping in "my room" at Dan's & Janet's; the next morning I headed to Clinton.  I washed and styled my mom's hair and then we took a short road trip up to Logan for her birthday.  While we drove Grandma Barton read the "Memory Lane" gift I gave her.  It was eight pages of memories I had typed up last week from my childhood.  It was so fun to share those memories together as we drove.

When we got to Logan we got the rest of Natalee's stuff in my car (she had already packed her car to the hilt!), then Grandma, Natalee and I went out to lunch at Sizzler's, then we headed back to Clinton.  (Nat just kept driving so she could get home quicker!)  I took my mom to get her hair cut, and made it back to her place in time to meet Brandon, Tannya and Nikki there.  We had a short visit, then they left and so did I.  Linda, Dawn and I went out to dinner at Iggy's in Layton, then said our good-byes, and I hit the road back to St. George. Whew!!

Saturday morning Dad and I did some yard/garden work while we listened to conference.  Then I took Alex, Elizabeth and Megan horseback riding out by Lava Ridge and Ivins.  On our return, just past the intermediate school, we were turning our horses to go across the desert and suddenly there was a loud bang!  Hank (our other dog) got hit by a car!!  I have no idea how it happened because the sound and the yelping freaked the horses out and I was solely concerned about the girls staying on their horses and getting the horses under control.  The girls did GREAT, but Hank was writhing on the dirt, yelping away.  I wasn't sure what to do because the horses were very fidgety.  After a minute, Hank got up and limped over to me, but blood was coming out of his mouth.  I covered my mouth with my gloved hand, trying to hold back the sobs.  All I could think was NOT AGAIN!!  And I had to hold it together for the girls' sakes, too!

We walked very slowly, and gradually the bleeding from Hanks mouth stopped.  The short version is:  Hank seems to be okay...sore and a little slow moving right now, but okay.  HOORAY!!!