December 29, 2008

December 29, 2008
So, Mom and Dad had their 29th Anniversary yesterday and I decided that I should start a blog for them, and for the family! (Oh...and this is Nat by the way) :)

Things in the Hunt house are never dull, but have been ESPECIALLY hectic lately. Here is the rundown...

*Dad is currently helping Denzel and Ali move to South Carolina where Denz is now the Inbed Project Manager for the Nuclear Powerplant being built by Baker Concrete. Dad is going to help them move in and get settled and then he'll be flying in to Vegas on New Years day, and then taking the Shuttle home from there.

*Jaimi and Mike are doing good in Texas. She is in the middle of clinicals and is finishing her Paramedic Licensing. The wedding is set for sometime in the Spring! Hurray :)

*Brand and Tann moved up to Rexburg Idaho, where Brandon is finishing his Bachelors in Business management at BYU Idaho.

*Kristy is still going strong on her mission and is Loving the people, and new experiences. (We got to talk to her on Christmas Eve and that was a blast! She doesn't realize she talks kind of fast with a cute little Korean Accent! haha)

*Amelia is still dancing and is taking classes to be a registered phlebotomist.

*Natalee is staying busy working at Sand Hollow, school, and training for Spring Sports.

*Dallin started his own little business with his friend Stetson, washing windows. They are doing a great job! They get all bundled up and go out for a few hours, and then come home and have hot chocolate and warm up by the fire. :) He is also very involved with swim team and has become an EXCELLENT swimmer. He has been very dedicated and only needs to drop a couple of seconds to qualify for the State meet!! woo :)

That's about it...I'll write more when something exciting happens! :)