January 12, 2018

Rod (Dad) turns 62 years old!!

January 12, 2018 - Friday

What a fun day it was for Dad!!  And even though our children are grown and out of the house, we still carry on "Tradition!"  I had prepared a lot of things last night...a treasure hunt with the first clue under the birthday boy's chair, presents wrapped (and one hidden), breakfast table set with the "red setting" for the birthday boy, and a sign...I don't do very good with that!!

We got up early like usual, and after cleaning up, I made breakfast:  fried eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast and hot chocolate.  It was tasty!  Rod opened his gift from the kids and we got a good laugh about the spelling on the shirt: 
3 p's in PapaBear... hmmmm...different spelling all the way around!!   But he loved the shirt!

After that, I stood up, twirled around singing "Tradition Tradition" and he knew right where to look for the first clue!  After several clues (that I had to remind him actually rhymed!), he found his present...at least the one at the end of this particular treasure hunt!

Then Rod left for school, and my work really began!  I made a triple batch of brownies, then made the german chocolate cake minus the frosting, then drove to the store for balloons, then headed for the high school!  I grabbed a few kids from Mr. Lang's classroom next door to Rod's, who helped carry brownies and balloons in, and helped sing Happy Birthday.  I gave them each a brownie before they left, then recruited some of "Mr. Hunt's" students to help dish up brownies for his class.

While they were eating, I told them a few things they didn't know about their teacher...like how long he has taught in that classroom (24 years!), that he taught each of his children at one time or another in that classroom, that he was on the BYU Folk Dance team, that we met at a team night dance practice where I had just "happened" to go with a different guy, but came home with "Mr. Hunt" because we were lined up as dance partners, and I finagled a ride home with him...and a few other things.  When I was getting ready to leave, Rod mentioned that they would get back to their studying the heart.  I quickly responded that everything I said had to do with the heart because it had to do with how much I LOVE Mr. Hunt!!  The kids seemed to enjoy getting to know another side of their teacher!!  (Wished I would have thought to take some pictures!!)

After that, I went home and went horseback riding...but things got a little carried away and I was gone from 1:00 until nearly 5:00...when we were expected up at Amelia's house where she and Natalee had made all the preparations for their dad's birthday dinner!!  Oops! 

Actually, it turned out well because they weren't ready and needed a little extra time.  (I was also waiting for Rod's REAL present to be delivered because Dezmond was making a treasure hunt for his Grandpa, with the last clue leading to the trunk of the car!  It didn't arrive before we left, so we made a quick contingency plan!!)

The Fiesta the girls planned was perfect, complete with mustaches and all!! 

What a fun time.  And of course the food was great with build-your-own burrito supremes, and spanish rice, corn and black beans.  Yum!  And then the birthday-boy's favorite birthday cake:  homemade German Chocolate cake!!  Delicious!




And the last clue was in the trunk of our car, in a wrapped present, saying the REAL present was at grandpa's house, in the garage...with the help of our neighbor's they watched for the delivery and put the package on the table in our garage.  Sure enough it was there when we got home.  Rod opened it up, and we put his new office chair together.
What a fun day!!  (Even though I took the picture without Rod smiling!)

December 30, 2017

Dallas December 26-29, 2017

 When Rod and I were at the Las Vegas airport, we ran into Michelle and Brendan Lunt.  After saying hello, Michelle mentioned they had just said "goodbye" to Colton who was flying back to Notre Dame, where he's completing his Masters Degree.  We said goodbye to Michelle and Brendan, then managed to flag Colton down after we got through security.  We were flying out on the same airline, so it gave us a good chance to talk and catch up on the past few years!  So nice to see this young man!

We made it to Dallas and got to see our sweet grandkids open their presents from "Gomo Kristy!"  Games, video an gift cards...they loved it!

Grandma had fun coming hair and getting everyone looking spiffy!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     And then we went for a hike!  The wind was blowing pretty good on the overpass, but once we got in the nature preserve it was much better!

                                                                                                                                                                    We also spent time at their home, playing, talking, eating, and relaxing!  We even went to see Ferdinand at a movie theater where they had individual RECLINING seats!  We were so relaxed, no on thought to take any pictures!!  Rats!
  Bowling was a lot of fun!!

And all too soon it was time to say goodbye to this fun Texas clan!!

December 25, 2017


December 24, 2017 - We had our annual Christmas Eve Dinner with the Schrams...and others!!  A great evening of good food, good company, and good entertainment!

 After we were done with our Christmas Eve Dinner and Program, we said good-byes to our friends and neighbors, then we opened presents from grandparents, siblings, and children.  It was a fun evening, in spite of pictures with yawning parents...*_*

Each of our children (and their families) were given a "Pop & Pizza" blanket that Rod and I made this summer.  They were also given a 5x7 picture of our 42-year-old "Pop & Pizza" blanket that I had made when I was 19 years old (which we still use at Palisade Lake, or Ivins Reservoir, or at our house for grandkids!)  We're hoping these NEW blankets will hold many, many memories in the years to come!

Selfies are getting scarier and scarier!!  *_*
CHRISTMAS MORNING. . .with Kristy and us!!  Nice and relaxed!!

After a delicious breakfast of fried eggs, diced & sauteed veggies, bacon, and hot chocolate, we got changed and went over to the Kirchhausen clan's to see what Santa brought.

After coming home Kirchhausen's, I took Kayla and Brayden Sappington for a Christmas horseback ride.  They were soooo surprised when they opened their gifts from me:  each got a soft stuffed horse, and a coupon for a Christmas Day ride!  Fun times!!

After their ride, Rod, Kristy and I went on our own Christmas Day ride.  The weather was incredibly beautiful and warm!  No gloves or scarves needed!!