January 12, 2016


"You've had a birthday, shout HOORAY!!"  Had a great breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast and oj!!  Opened presents AND had our traditional treasure hunt!
Window...of course!!
Rod loved the many sweet sentiments the
kids sent, and I printed out...
Ahhh, the first clue!!
Inside...nope, outside...don't freeze...

Oh, NOW it's down to the freezer!!

It's about time. . . 

What could it be???

Ohhhh, can I stay here all morning????

Yep, one for each of us!!!

Birthday celebration at school, too!!

Getting the birthday cake all ready!
Hurry and light the candles!!

"Are you ready, Grandpa???"

"We DID IT!!!"
 The following weekend we went to The Egg and I for a free Birthday breakfast!!  It was really good, and we managed to get in, just before the big rush on a Saturday morning!!  Love this place!!

Such a fun celebration, with my wonderful husband!!!  I love you!!!  (And I'm glad that you're older than me...by two months!!!)