November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving Week was wonderful!!!  Dallin and Erika came down from BYU early, and Brandon, Tannya and Nikki and Kate came down early also!  We got some horseback riding in, garden picking, puzzle putting together, cousin time, and Thanksgiving Day, complete with food prep and fun!!

We were thrilled to have Thanksgiving Dinner up at Hans' and Mil's home.  It was lots easier for me...harder for Mil and Hans.  THANK YOU, KIDS!!!  So the roll call went like this:  Rod and Patrice, Hans, Mil, Dezmond and Cayman, Brandon, Tannya, (Rosie, not born yet!), Nikki and Kate; Kristy, Dallin and Erika; Sean, Rochelle, Bailee and Kennedy, and Dave and Belinda Hardison (our neighbors).

We missed Nat and Rj, who went to Washington on a little trip,..Jaimi and Mike and kids were in Texas.

November 8, 2015

Patrice Hunt - Conference Center Organ

What a truly amazing experience!!  The only thing that would top this is if I could play for General Conference!!!  *_*