September 28, 2015

Kids Say The Darnedest Things!

On Saturday I took all of the books off the two big bookshelves in the piano room so Rod and I could relocate them to our master bedroom, freeing up some room in the piano studio.  It worked out well all the way around and I love both rooms!  While organizing the books in their new location, I came across the notebook "Quotes from the Kids."  I haven't looked at that in years, so I opened it up and read.  Without further adieu, here are some of the things my "sweet adorables" have said over the years:

Denzel, age 3, found a dead mouse near the teacher housing where we were living in Montezuma Creek, Utah.  I suggested he take it over to his dad (through the field to the high school where Rod taught biology), and show him.  I wrapped it in a paper towel, and off he went.  I found out later that Rod expected I had sent him some cookies with the little messenger.  As Rod carefully opened the paper towel, Denzel said, "Look Papa, it's Mickey Mouse!!"

Denzel, age 5.  I had been trying to dig out a very large chunk of cement that had been left after a cement truck washout at our newly built home.  It took quite a bit of work before I could leverage it with my shovel and roll it down the small embankment away from our lot.  With my final shove to get it rolling down the slope, I shouted, "THIS is for the BIRDS!!"  (I was just a little bugged they had washed out and left it there.)  As I started filling in the large hole with dirt, Denzel went down the slope, stood on the big piece of cement, and innocently asked, "Mama...what are the birds going to do with it?"

Amelia, age 4.  (I was 8 months pregnant with my 7th child)  "Mom, when you get a fat belly, you get a fat bottom, too!"  (Wow!  Thanks for that unedited piece of information!)

Amelia, age 4 (she was on a roll...)  "Mom, you're taking too long!"  (I thought she was complaining that I was working too long on the computer, and I had only been working for FIVE MINUTES!)   But she clarified, "Mom, you are taking TOO long!!  Julie is going to have her baby first and YOU are going to be last!!"  Ahhhh, perspective.  I wish I could have hurried things up.  Julie DID have Harrison 6 weeks before Dallin was born...and Amelia had to wait...probably because she said such "naughty" things to her mother!  *_*

Kristy, age 6 (I was still pregnant and didn't realize I was so predictable with my behaviors.)  "Mom, when I grow up I'm going to be just like you!!  I'm going to have salad with peas on it for lunch, and watch Perry Mason!"

Amelia, age 4, two months after Dallin was born.  "Mom, I'm sure glad you're not pregnant anymore.  Now I can lay on your lap (she had fallen asleep on my lap and drooled down my dress!), and people don't have to see your fluffy belly anymore."  Sheesh!!!

Amelia, age 4, three months after Dallin was born, saying the blessing at Sunday dinner, "...and thank thee that Uncle Dan could have blue eyes like mine...and bless the the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Natalee, age 3.  First record of her great love for animals.  "Look Mama!!  I have a 'woggie-pog'!!"  I'm not sure how or where she found a polliwog, but she has been finding living things ever since!

Amelia, age 5, singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas.  "...Good tithings we bring, to you and your kin..."  Her dad was bishop at the time and in the middle of tithing settlement interviews...

Natalee, age 4.  Eating dinner together, talking with the kids (7 kids plus Rod and I always made for an "experience" each dinner-time), and telling Natalee that she needed to finish eating her Mexicali Soup before she could have more chips and jello.  Then I got involved in conversation with the other kids and didn't hear her until she yelled, "MOM!  I'm done with my Cali-Cali Poop!!"  The older kids about rolled on the floor laughing!

Dallin, age 5, staring Kindergarten.  "It will be a LONG time before I graduate...I will have to eat a LOT of breakfastes before I'm that old!"

Dallin, nearly 9.  We were working in the garden, in nearly dark dusk, planting tomatoes and beets, when he said, "I'm sure glad I won't be a MOM when I grow up...then I won't have to plant a garden!!"

Natalee, age 10.  I was opening a birthday present on my 46th birthday and discovered a beautiful calendar by well-known artist, Gregg Olsen.  On the cover of the calendar was a picture of Christ.  I tapped the calendar with my hand as I tried to remember the artist's name and said, "Ohhh!  I love this!  Now....who is this...?"  Natalee quickly supplied, "It's JESUS!"

Denzel, age 20.  He was doing something (that I can't remember now...) and exclaimed, "I'm going to be soooo mad if this is retarded!!"  Without missing a beat, I replied, "That's what I said when I was pregnant with you!"  It took a second to register what had slipped out of my mouth, and then we both died laughing!!

Dallin, age 9.  Wrote a sweet note:  "I love you so much that your just a boguet of a mom.  Love Dallin"  I guess that's right up there with Nat's sweet Mother's Day gift of "My mom is as pretty as a horse."  Everyone laughed when I read the framed picture aloud, but quickly assured her I loved it when I saw her disappointed face.  Several years later, Nat was waiting for me to complete some computer work, and she read some of the things on the wall from past Mother's Day.  When she read the "horse" picture, she instantly said, "That's rude!!"  She was finally old enough to understand why we had laughed.

Another note from Dallin to his Dad:  "Thanks for helping me along the way of my life dad.  Love, Dallin"

Conversation overheard between Kristy, age 15, and Amelia, age 13:
Kristy:  I have an autobiography due in my English class this Friday...shoot!!!
Amelia:  Ooooh!  I can write it about ME!!

Conversation between Kristy, age 16, and me:
Mom:  Hey Kristy, I bought some new pills...they're enzymes, and they're supposed to help with flatulence.  If you want to try them, I don't mind.
Kristy: (Excited reply as she pats her chest)  Oh good!!!  This is just what I need...but I AM starting to grow!
Mom: (After I controlled my laughter enough to get words out)  Kristy, enzymes help with GAS, not breast development!

Conversation with Natalee on Fast Sunday just as Testimony Meeting was getting ready to start:
Mom:  Nat, what do you have in your mouth?
Nat:  Gum! (And she opened her mouth to show me)
Mom:  What's that red thing next to the gum?
Nat:  A Jolly Rancher
I got a mock shocked look on my face, to which she quickly replied, "It doesn't count if you suck on it, does it???"
(Hmmm, maybe I'll get a piece of steak, next time I fast, and suck on it!  *_* )

Conversation overheard after having family scriptures at 5:30 a.m. and then kids getting ready to practice violin and piano before getting ready for school.  "I don't understand WHY we can't be like a 'normal' family...that SLEEPS!!"

A conversation with one of my sweet adorables after she came home with a couple of hickies on her neck.  I expressed some concerns about her choices, and after talking a bit, this sweet daughter declared:  "Well, at least I don't kiss anyone I don't know!"  Oh, all of my fears suddenly vanished...not!!

Conversation with Denzel at the kitchen counter when he was about 22 years old and visiting home for lunch.
Mom:  Denz, Sister Feltwell said that I'm really a perfectionist.  I don't think I am at all!!!  What do you think!!

After a thoughtful pause, he replied, "No, Mom, I don't think you're a like to do a lot of things but you don't do anything really well."

And he wondered why I refused to feel him anymore!!!  *_*

Too bad I didn't keep a more regular record of all the things these sweet children have said over the years.  Jaimi, and Brandon, just wait!!  I'm sure I'll come across stuff in my journals at some point, and then you will be quoted for sure!!!

September 9, 2015

Going to the Temple with Kristy!

I was thrilled when Kristy called to invite me to go to the temple with her.  It worked out well that I didn't have piano lessons all this week.

What an amazing experience as we walked from the car to the temple doors.  I was suddenly brought back in time to the last time I stood on these sacred temple grounds.  It was 2007 and the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House.  Rod and I and Amelia, Natalee, and Dallin had gone to it.  But the best part was that Denzel met us there, dressed in his camp gear from Camp Williams.  he wasn't able to stay long, but we took pictures and it was so great to have him come be there for a minute with us.

Being there this morning with Kristy brought back some very tender feelings.  So grateful to be there with her today!!  ❤️