January 12, 2015

Rod's Birthday Blur!!

I often wonder if Rod and I will ever be bored. . . but we never have the time to find out, so probably not.  Although, I'd sure like to try it sometime!!

After returning home late last night, Rod and I were up and getting ready for the day when Dal left for the team devotional prior to the BYU- ASU rugby match being held at Snow Canyon High School.  At the last minute we were also able to go, which was a really cool experience for us.  One of the things Coach Smythe said to the team ended up on our window...for the entire week!!
After the devotional, we ran home, threw every blanket we owned in the car (almost!), got a jug of hot water, chocolate packets, etc., and headed down for the rugby match.  All the local kids came, and Erika had come down with Dallin.  Such a fun time, even though it was cold.  We were prepared!!


We went for a quick horseback ride after both rugby matches, then high-tailed it to Hans' and Amelia's for a family BBQ and games.  What a great day!

Monday was Rod's 59th birthday, and was kind of a blur with everything else coming down the pipe for Dallin's and Erika's wedding on Friday...but I managed to make a bunch of cinnamon rolls and took them to Rod at the high school.  The kids in his class were SO happy...so were the teachers and administrators that got to enjoy the birthday treats!

After pianos lessons ended, we had a great steak BBQ dinner AND German Chocolate Cake!!  Happy Birthday,Rod!!!

January 9, 2015

Draper Temple - Turbulence and Triumph!!

I left St. George this morning close to 8:00 and drove to Salt Lake City to be there for Erika’s endowment at the Draper Temple.  It was a nice drive up, and I was very moved by the beauty of southern Utah as I drove along I-15.  I am SO grateful I get to live in such a beautiful part of this world!

The drive up was rather uneventful…until I was getting off on 90th South to meet up with Shaun Tucker (the wedding invitation sent to them was returned due to wrong address, so we were meeting up to “hand deliver” it!)  Dallin called to say he had forgotten his temple clothes…and that the Draper temple doesn't rent clothes since it’s a smaller temple.  We made arrangements for me to grab his keys, quickly drive down to Springville to get his clothes and get back before the 3:00 session.  This was at 1:00 p.m.  As I sat at our rendezvous point, the Holy Ghost pointed out some things and I realized our plan would not work.  (I initially argued, but finally listened.)  I called the nearest Deseret Book, told them the problem, the sizes for the new clothes I would need, then drove over, picked up the clothes while telling Dallin the “new plan.”  He was concerned about the cost, but I assured him the cost was worth the reduced stress…AND I would gift them to my next Wolf boy to get his mission call. 

Once I had the clothes in hand, I headed to the Draper Temple, calling Dallin to let him know.  He said there was no hurry, it was now 1:30, and as long as I was there by 2:45 it would be fine.  I told him I was coming up now and would just wait in the parking lot.  Once I was there and parked, I began taking each of the items out of their wrappings so they would be ready for Dallin.  About two minutes later my phone rang.  It was Dallin.  He asked, “Are you here?”  I told him I was just sitting in the car get things out of their wrappers, so he quickly said, “I need my clothes…”  It turned out that he needed to be dressed in his whites NOW.  I truly would not have had time to drive to Springville to get his clothes.  I am SO grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. 
I ran up to the temple, then walked inside.  There were several temple workers gathered around Dallin, who was very happy to see me.  He gave me a hug, then hurried to get dressed.  I turned around to leave but one of the Temple workers stopped me to introduce himself as the sealer who would be performing Dallin’s and Erika’s sealing next week, and to say what an honor it is.  He was a very kind man.

I waited in the car until it was time to get ready for the 3:00 session.  In the endowment room, I was able to sit by Trish Madsen, Erika’s mom, who was next to Erika.  There were waves of emotion that swept over me at different times.  Good waves, but emotional.  I love this boy SO much, and I am so happy for him and for Erika!

When it came time for the prayer circle, I had already decided to participate.  I motioned to Dane (Erika’s brother) to go up with me.  He willingly did.  Dallin and Erika had already scooted over in the circle, but I definitely wanted to stand by my boy, so I just kind of made a parting motion with my hands, and asked if I could please squeeze in.  The sister (turns out she is Jill Ence’s cousin!) was very sweet and made room for Dane and I.  I loved standing next to my son! 

Now, I know we don’t talk about what goes on in the Temple because of the sacred nature of the covenants we make, so I will just say that some very special things were said during the prayer that I have NEVER heard any other time in all of the times I have attended the temple.  There was reference to our deceased loved ones knowing of our love for them, and that they were aware of our love for them.  And there was quite a bit of detail brought out during that prayer.  It really touched my heart and I was SO grateful I was able to be there for this very special occasion. 

After the temple, I quickly drove to Daynes Music to get the stuff I had planned to pick up before the temple…but now needed to do after.  Kristy met me there, and then we went to dinner at the Midvale Mining Company.  We shared one dinner, and it was really good, but the perfect portion size for us!  I loved being able to visit one-on-one with her and hear how things are going without either of us needing to dash off somewhere! 

After saying our good-byes, I headed south, but stopped in at the same Deseret Book store for one last thing.  I needed a book to listen to on the way home since the three I had borrowed from the library didn’t serve the purpose for one reason or another.  I about choked when I saw the price on the book CDs!  They ranged from $29.99 to $45.99!!  Ouch!  There was a gal (Katha Smith, who recently moved to Utah from New York to be near her adult children) also looking at the book CDs so we got talking about our favorite authors/stories.  When I mentioned why I was having to buy a book, since I always borrow them from the Library, she said, “I have a book in my car that I’ve listened to at least 20 times!!  Would you let me give it to you?”  After assuring me that she really would like to do that, I accepted.  What a great gift!!  And it has several CDs in it so I’m sure it would have cost close to $40…AND it’s one I haven’t heard before!!  What a great little miracle!!

When I started the 5 hour drive home, I got thinking of the “cost” of the temple clothes…$92 minus $25 for gas if I had gone to Springville, minus $40 for the book CD, it comes out to $27 paid for NO STRESS, and a great gift for one of my Wolf boys.  Can’t beat the way Heavenly Father works everything out!!

January 5, 2015

Algebra and Boomerangs!

As I was painting the window this morning, my mind went “from A to Z” very quickly.  I thought about the power of our thoughts, and how they can become our reality.

In high school I had an Algebra teacher named Mr. Epstein.  I wasn't a great student because I didn’t care that much about school.  I did just enough to get by my mom’s strict demand for “good grades” without really learning how to study.  I think it bugged Mr. Epstein that I wasn't very dedicated. 

One afternoon, after giving yet another test, he placed MY paper on the overhead projector.  

Everyone knew it was mine because my name was at the top for everyone to see.  He proceeded to go down my test, putting an “X” by each answer, saying, “Don’t do it like THIS… or THIS…or THIS…”  Yes, I was humiliated, but definitely not motivated!!  I hated math after that and up until I was 41 years old, felt like there was NO WAY I could do math. 

But then I returned to college to get my AS degree and had to take some math classes.  Luckily for me, my first teacher was Ross Taylor, former principal (and Rod’s boss) at Dixie High School.  An occasional test he returned to me had a long paragraph of praise, written personally to me!!  (And he did that for every student!!)  It was amazing how that affected me, and how I KNEW I could do math after that!

Now, the point that came to my mind as I painted the window was this:  I don’t know “for sure – for sure” how many questions Mr. Epstein marked wrong on my test.  Perhaps it was the entire test, as I've come to believe, but it may have been a few.  But over the years, as I have THOUGHT about the experience, and TALKED about it, that one afternoon in my math class grew, and became a much bigger detriment to me than it needed to be.  That was MY doing, not Mr. Epstein’s.  The “boomerang” of my thoughts came back to hit me in the head and punish me for a very long time!!

Too bad I didn't understand this concept earlier in my life.  Thank goodness I know it now!

We need to be careful what we choose to think about and dwell on, because it just might become our reality!!