December 1, 2013

NOVEMBER...and Giving Thanks!

November held many memorable experiences for us:

1.  Meeting the Stewarts from Nova Scotia where Dallin is serving his mission.

2.  Celebrating Denzel's birthday by holding the 1st Annual "I Run With Denz" 4k (no, not 5k!)

3.  Remembering my Dad's birthday on our window!!

4.  Being grateful for ALL of our many blessings, all of the time!!

5.  Having a fun Thanksgiving morning horseback ride with Kristy, Junehee (Kristy's friend from Korea), and Natalee.  Missed having Amelia along, but SOMEONE had to cook the turkey!!
6.  Love being in Hans' and Amelia's new home AND having Thanksgiving there!!  Beautiful home, fun kids, great food, only missed the family members NOT there ... a TON!!