May 11, 2013

NAT's and RJ's WEDDING!!

A few days before the wedding (yes, like Tuesday...and the wedding was on Saturday!!) Nat had the thought that maybe she really WOULD like to have some bridal pictures taken, after all, using Silverado out in a hay field.  She called her friend Chelsey to see if she would mind coming with us and taking pictures.  In a matter of about 1 hour we had everything ready to go, and there was a BIG storm blowing in from the north.  If things were timed just right, Nat's dress might not be ruined!!

Amelia was great "support personnel" even though
RJ really didn't need that much hairspray!! 
I loved being the horse wrangler!  Silver was NOT
impressed with being in this beautiful alfalfa field
and yet wasn't allowed to eat it!
Yes, that IS a rainbow in the storm clouds in the background! 

My two FAVORITE girls!!

And this is UN-touched up!! That storm was looking pretty threatening . . . but it
kind of petered out, and things worked out beautifully!!  We were all SO happy!! 
Jaimi and Sarah flew in from Dallas for Nat's wedding, Brandon and Nikki came down from South Weber (Tannya and Baby Kate stayed home to recuperate from a C-section childbirth not quite 2 weeks previous, at my request!), Elder Hunt "wished" he could be here, as did Denzel, but we felt his presence through his military brothers who were there, helping set up before the wedding, between the wedding and the reception, and being there for everything.  

Thanks to MaryAnn Zabriskie, our wedding horse wrangler!

Grandpa Don and Joyce Whittaker

Tony Tucker and Dezmond, and Tyler Blake 

Tyler Blake, Kennedy and Kyle Tucker with Silverado

The boys!

Our sweet girlies, Sarah Smith and Nikki Hunt

Sarah and Jaimi (Hunt) Smith

Nat and Rj will just have to "borrow" kids for awhile!!

Patrice, RJ, Natalee Ann (aka Nat-Splat), and Rod

RJ's family
 Tim & Gia Best, Rj, Nat, and Austin

Rod and Dezmond - color coordinated!!

Silverado, Kristy Jo, Amelia Dawn & Dezmond Kirchhausen, Patrice, Rj, Nat, Rod,
Jaimi & Sarah Smith, Nikki & Brandon Hunt

The best part of the reception, besides all the family and friends who came to help us celebrate, was Jim Sevy's band and all the dancing we got to do!!  It was such a memorable day and evening!!  We love you, Nat and RJ!!

Remembering Denzel






Uncle Dan, and Family!