August 29, 2012

Dezmond and Grandma

I love Monday's and Wednesdays because I get one-on-one time with Dezmond.  We love being together as manifested by our ability to recline and sleep for two hours straight!

August 28, 2012


Mom’s Moment
August 28, 2012

An experiment was conducted at BYU with eight women, ages 18-55.  They were asked to do one simple, but specific, thing for 5 days.  These are the results they reported:
·        An increased desire to “de-unk” their physical environments
·        A greatly reduced desire to watch TV
·        An increased desire to reach out to others and follow through on commitments
·        An increased ability to be kinder, gentler, and more patient
·        An increased desire to take care of their bodies by living the Lord’s law of health more fully
·        An increased ability to see how they could have handled situations better
·        An increased mental focus
·        An increased ability and desire to study and learn
·        A greatly decreased desire to backbit, gossip, or be cynical
·        A dramtic increase in their physical energy because energy-draining negative emotions were gone
·        An unbelievable reduction in stress
·        Profound changes in their conversations with other

Are you wondering what they were asked to do?  It really was simple:
          For five days in their morning prayers, they were to pray with concerted effort for the Holy Ghost to be with them that day.  Then, throughout the day, as they encountered any difficult, tempting, or trying situation, they were to pray for and really picture the Spirit being right there with them

What a wonderful, simple, amazing blessing we have through the Holy Ghost.  And we get reminded of it each week, if we LISTEN, through the sacrament prayers, that if we are willing to take upon us the name of Christ, and always remember him, and keep his commandments which he has given us, we can ALWAYS HAVE HIS SPIRIT TO BE WITH US!

I hope we will!

August 25, 2012

Saturday is a special day...we do lots of fun stuff!

I was SUPPOSED to be in Salt Lake City today for some UMTA board meetings, but Dad and I have made SO many trips up there in the last 6 weeks, I just couldn't justify the time, cost, wear and tear on the car, etc., so, I stayed home and Dad and I did a lot...some of it even TOGETHER!  Hooray!

We worked in the community garden for a while and picked lots of tomatoes while we were there.  Dad mowed and trimmed our lawns...they look beautiful!


While he did that I got the tractor from Sheldon and graded the road at the corrals.  It was really washed out from Tuesday's rainstorm.  Now it looks MUCH better!

After we had a late lunch, Dad and I went to see "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," which we really enjoyed!

On the way  home we stopped at Home Depot to buy some Sevin dust for the community garden...

Later we made a batch of salsa...first time just Dad and I made it!  Does this mean we don't have to share any of it with you kids??  *_*

While it cooked, MaryAnn and I worked in the garden a bit more, putting dust on all the corn beds, and then cutting PVC and putting in bubblers where the corn wasn't watering too well.  At least it's done now!!

Then a night time practice with Elita (she's singing tomorrow at the Spanish Branch), and then Dad and I watched a movie together!  VERY relaxing evening after getting a lot done today!

 Now I just better get into bed!!

August 23, 2012

A Typical day. . .

Is there such a thing as a "typical day" in my life?!  Doubtful!!  But they usually go something like this:

Get up, have "family" scripture study with Rod, then personal scripture study, make breakfast, teach piano lessons, make cinnamon roll dough--let it start raising, do AB video workout, punch down roll dough, do thigh video work out, roll out the cinnamon rolls, cut them, and get on six cookie sheets to raise (yes, that's a LOT of cinnamon rolls!), go walk/run around several blocks, shower, then dress really fast, cook the cinnamon rolls while practicing accompanying Elita on a vocal solo, ice the cinnamon rolls (with MaryAnn's help, of course!), box up cinnamon rolls, ready to mail to the MTC, drive to the high school and give Rod some cinnamon rolls fresh from the kitchen, drive to the post office and mail the packages, drive home with 10 minutes to spare (ate a quick salad) before dashing off to go visiting teaching, finish that and drive to the bank to make a deposit, drive back home and discover I have 23 minutes unspoken take a 23 minute nap!  Start teaching afternoon lessons (after helping one of my wolf boys secure the canoe to our truck so HE and a friend can be cool like MaryAnn and me), finish teaching piano and hold Dezmond (nice surprise visit from Millie & baby!) for a "peace-filled" hour, chatting and relaxing with Amelia and Rod, then head to the corrals to feed the horses.  Update the family blog, post some of our latest adventures on Facebook, and MAYBE make something for dinner, then RELAX with my husband...oh wait, he has Back-To-School Night!!  I'll relax with Amelia and Dezmond!!

Whew!!  Makes me tired just reliving it!!  Thank goodness for that 23 minute nap!  (And I'm SOOOO glad I painted the window LAST NIGHT!!)

August 22, 2012


Tuesday night a BIG lightening and thunder storm rolled in shortly after MaryAnn Zabriskie, Tenisha Hunt and I returned from an evening horseback ride to Three Ponds at Snow Canyon.  It was very impressive with some major lightening strikes lighting up the sky and getting closer and closer to our open garage where I was sitting.  I was talking on the phone with Natalee and the noise from the storm was getting so loud I had to go in the house.

All night long there were loud claps of thunder and it was easy to hear the rain pouring down on our house most of the night.

In the morning MaryAnn called to say what a mess it was down at the horses when she went to feed.  After I taught my morning piano lessons, the two of us drove back down in the truck.  MAN!!  Part of the dirt road was washed out, and it was a MUDDY bog down there!!  I didn't dare drive all the way in, even with my 4-wheel drive.

After checking the corrals out, we drove by the dike, and SURE ENOUGH, it was way full with water!  So, we drove over to Jesse Wright's home, borrowed his canoe and paddles, then grabbed Celeste Reed, and went and played!!  I'm so glad I have friends who like to have fun at the drop of a hat!  Speaking of which, MaryAnn and I wore red hats from our hat collection downstairs, and Celeste did good with her black one!

We played and had fun, then hurried to return the canoe, before I took a quick shower.   As soon as I was clened up I got to tend Dezmond while Mil taught her college dance class.  What a perfectly memorable day!!

August 19, 2012

What did YOU learn today?

Mom's Moment

Worshiping God, particularly on the Sabbath, is an interesting thing.  According to the world, it's an "extra" day we can use to play, shop, entertain, etc.  What does it mean to you?  Is it a day of "don'ts" or a day of "do's.  Here are some of the things we discussed in Relief Society today that we can DO:

1.  Attend ALL of your church meetings
2.  Visit someone who is sick, injured, elderly, or lonely
3.  Write your parents a letter
4.  Write to a missionary
5.  Send someone a thank you note
6.  Play religious music rather than your "regular" music
7.  Write in your journal
8.  Write a short story of a childhood experience (aka family history!)
9.  Dig into your genealogy.  Is it up to date?
10. Call extended family members
11.  Play the piano
12.  Invite someone to share dinner with you
13.  Take a treat to a friend or neighbor
14.  Call someone you didn't see at church
15.  Read your patriarchal blessing

A pastor was approached by a church member wanting to know why it was important to even go to church. Why couldn't he just think about God at home?  As they talked, sitting close to the fireplace, the pastor reached into the fire with some fire tongs, and pulled out a burning ember, placing it on the hearth away from the other coals.  As their discussion came to a close the pastor pointed out what had happened to the removed coal.  Away from the heat of the other embers, the solitary coal quickly lost its fire, smoldered, then became cold.

We, too, are like the coals of the fire.  We need the association we have with each other, particularly in the church setting, to help strengthen each other and gain "warmth" from those around us.

How is YOUR "coal" doing?  Is it giving heat to others by the way you worship God, or is it growing cold?  If we have a difficult time worshiping on Sunday, what are the REST of the days of the week like?

I hope this helps each of you THINK, and then DO things that will increase your Sabbath day worship!!


August 17, 2012

Brandon's Birthday. . .

Nothing like taking the elevator to the 19th floor of the Wells Fargo Building in Salt Lake City, then going through three different security doors, then quietly traipsing down a few more corridors, while breaking into a rousing version of "Happy Birthday to You" so that everyone in their cubicles could hear.  Many stood up for a better view, as we made our way to Brandon's work station.  It was great!  And he even turned a handsome shade of red!  His co-workers seemed to enjoy the commotion, AND his embarrassment!  So did we!!

August 16, 2012

Dallin Enters the MTC . . .

What an enjoyable day!!  Drove to Provo to take Dallin to the MTC...and then we drove to Salt Lake City to surprise Brandon for his 28th birthday!!

The MTC was great.  I LOVE the curb drop-off!!  It was nice to be up by the Provo Temple taking pictures, and then really enjoyed the "quick curbside meet n greet!"

August 14, 2012

Our Missionary Son

Tonight Dallin was set apart by President Richard Harris, along with Dad and Bishop Bunting, to be a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Rather remarkable how time can fly one minute and stand still the next!

Wasn't it just yesterday that Dallin and Harrison Schram were laying side by side on our couch as infants only six weeks apart in age?  Suddenly they are young men, preparing to serve the Lord.

We drive up to Provo tomorrow morning.  Dallin enters the MTC a little after 1:00 p.m.  Fun and exciting times!!  We are SO happy for Dallin and the many wonderful experiences that lie ahead for him.

The Window. . .

I guess the window tells all kinds of stories at our is just another part of the saga!!

I REFUSE to count the days, hours, or minutes that Dallin will be gone!  We will count in Christmases. thank you very much!!  And we're looking forward to hearing about many of the things our missionary son will be  experiencing.

We LOVED it when Brandon served in the Philippines, and likewise when Kristy served in Korea!  Missionary service is an amazing adventure, and a great learning experience as we get outside ourselves and truly serve others.

August 11, 2012


A midst everything else going on in preparing for Dallin leaving on his mission, I wanted to write about one of our greatest family memories:  THE SPOON!

The reason for writing about this now is because of a conversation I had with Jaimi the other day.  We were talking about the past few very trying days she has had with children:  smearing lotion all over this, dumping shampoo out all over that, using markers on things that should never have markers on them, etc., etc.
We talked about ways to discipline, talking with children, and parental patience.  I then asked Jaimi if she knew my philosophy behind the use of "the spoon."  She didn't.  And so, perhaps, you don't either.  Here is what you may have never known about "The Spoon."

Sometimes we grow up being disciplined in a way that was not "the best" and so we choose to repeat history, or to change it.  I opted to change it.  When Denzel was 2 1/2 years old, Dad swatted his bottom for something.  Denz, put his balled up fists on his hips and defiantly said, "SO, THAT DIDN'T HURT!"  I immediately thought, "Perhaps this is how parents learn to beat their children...'Well, then, I'll MAKE it hurt!'"  I did NOT want to ever go down that road.  I read a ton of parenting books, and talked to lots of people.

A wonderful lady I STILL think so much of taught me about "the spoon."  Here's how it works:

When a child is WILLFULLY disobedient - meaning he knows what he is doing is wrong and chooses to do it anyway - he gets disciplined with the spoon.  But there are strict guidelines.

First - the spoon has to be large and scary looking.

Second - the child must go get it himself out of the kitchen drawer (it helps to have it close where the children are familiar with it..."an ounce of prevention" simply by way of knowing it's there!)  While the child is retrieving the spoon, Mom has the opportunity to quickly review if she is DISCIPLINING or PUNISHING.  The spoon is a teaching tool, nothing else.

Third - Once the child brings the spoon, Mom asks the child to explain why he is getting a spank.  (If he has no idea why he is getting the spank, it's a punishment and not discipline.)  This conversation should be calm and instructive.  "Did you know you shouldn't do that?"  "What would have been a better choice?"  "Do you know I love you?"  "Will you try to make a better choice next time?"

Fourth - Many times, the fear of "the spoon" is all that is needed.  Occasionally, a very light tap may be beneficial.  Seldom, but sometimes, ONE little swat is instructive.

FIFTH - After the discipline, give a love to the child, and tell them you are sure they won't make that mistake again.  Then they get to go put the spoon away and go about their playing.

(This form of discipline stopped when each child turned 8 years old.  There were times that you wished you could get a swat rather than do the work, be grounded, or lose driving privileges, but that was the way Dad and I chose to handle things...)

Now, sometimes when I "feel badly" that maybe I wasn't a very good mother, I think back to all the times at dinner when "the spoon" becomes a source of conversation and laughter as you kids revel in your "remember when" stories.  I have to remind myself that "the spoon" must have done it's job:  it helped ME to calm down and not hit my children, and MY HAND was never associated with hitting or slapping.  (Well, once, right Brandon?)  AND that you laughed when you each received  your own SPOON as a Christmas gift two years ago!

I love each of you children SO very much.  I am excited to see you raise your families and pray for your peace and tranquility!!