September 26, 2010

Swiss Days Parade 2010

So here's what Saturday looked like. . .

Got the horses out of the backyard (they spent the night in our yard...I won't say how bad everything looked in morning's light!) and brushed and saddled, while Harrison and Dallin did "damage control" on the backyard. The grass HAD needed mowed...but now what's left of it has been over-fertilized! The big bushy grape vine got "deforested," and a trampoline spring was "sprung" from it's 9" to a stretched out 24"!

We trailered the horses to the parade start and took some pictures. Nearly seven year old Isaiah Nielsen waited for me to lift him up on Zoro, with Harrison holding the lead. Then I dashed off to jump in one of the lead cars of the parade, as the Volunteer of the Year...still seems funny to me. (READ THE EARLIER POST FOR DETAILS...)

As soon as I got to the end of the parade, Mitzi Gates put me on her 4 wheeler, and drove rapidly back through the parade route to the start. The horses had just come around the bend at the very beginning of the parade!! I got off the 4-wheeler with my "gimp" foot, and climbed up on Zoro with Isaiah! PERFECT timing!

Celeste, Shaylee, Cassidy, Isaiah, Harrison and I all had the FUN FUN time together!

As people saw me TWICE in the parade and wondered about it, I simply mentioned I've always wanted a clone!!
September 24, 2010 – Friday

What a "surprising" Swiss Days it has been this year! A few days ago Rod asked if I wanted to go hear the yodeler sing at Swiss Days on Friday night. I had just read the review about him and said it sounded like a great date!! (The stage was set, figuratively. . . )

Friday was a VERY busy day, that didn't go the way I had planned! My intention was to spend a good portion of the day doing homework, after I got cleaned up. Ha! Didn't get one lick of it done!! I'm still not sure what took up my morning -- oh yeah, piano competition stuff, piano recital and evaluation stuff, community garden computer work, and the family blog all got done...then it was off to visit Don and Joyce a bit, pick up my 5k race shirts (didn't run/walk the race, but I LOVE the shirts I registered for!), took the computer in to get fixed, went to Home Depot for parts for the community garden, back to the computer store, then home with barely enough time to get the horses brought to the house to wash and ready them for the parade on Saturday. Whew!

Rod came home after school for a "blink" before he left to go to physical therapy. I was working on the 2nd horse. Rod came home from his appointment and I was on the 4th horse, and it was now 5:15. (Rod starts to wonder if "the surprise" can be pulled off...)

At 6:00 I STILL have not cleaned up for the day! (Rod's getting worried, because I look and smell like a horse! [My words, not his!] and yet I have NO CLUE about what's REALLY on the agenda...)

It's 6:15 p.m. when I take one of my new Swiss Days running shirts and head for the shower. (Rod breathes a sigh of relief...)

I was all cleaned up by 6:40, but was hungry and suggested I cook some corn from the garden and slice some tomatoes. Rod wasn't enthusiastic about it, but I knew how good the corn was! I was sure he would enjoy it, so I made some in the microwave. It only took a few minutes. I could tell that Rod didn't want to be late for the Yodeler so we ate HOT corn very fast, and then we were on our way with 5 minutes to spare.(Nothing out of the ordinary was even close to MY radar...)

We drove down to the Swiss Days festivities, and I only had to ask Rod to slow his pace down a couple of times because my foot is a bit painful to walk on. (I still had NO IDEA. . .)

A school group of kids was singing as we finally located a couple of empty seats in the crowd under the large white pavillion tent. The group finished singing as I decided my foot would be MUCH more comfortable if I took my shoe off and rested it on Rod's leg. (Rod didn't say a thing, just rubbed my foot...)

After the kids left the stage, Mayor Rick Rosenberg got up and welcomed everyone. He thanked the sponsors who have helped, and mentioned a few other things, then he said, "Is Patrice Hunt here?"

"What????" Was my first dumbfounded thought? He asked again, so I stood up as I thought "They're thanking me for doing the parade for the last two years??? Why??!!" Then the mayor asked me to come up to the stage. As I HOBBLED up there with one shoe off and one shoe on (diddle-diddle-dumpling, my son John!) he announced, "Patrice is our VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR!" Partway to the stage I turned and looked at Rod, questioning if he knew about this. That (sweetheart) RAT!!! Turns out he had known for a MONTH!!

It was a very nice honor, and I was TOTALLY unsuspecting!

(I DO feel a bit satisfied to know that I caused Rod a tad bit of concern with all the last minute "wondering" if I was going to be ready in time for our "date.")

By the way, the yodeler was REALLY good! I'm glad THAT part of our date was still part of our fun evening!!

September 24, 2010


So the other night, there was a "Ding and Ditch" at our door. I went out side. . . and the pictures tell the rest of the story!! ^_^

We found the "L" in "Loo" the next morning. Sooooo, Dallin's going to Sadies with Malia Loo. . . in NOVEMBER!!

September 22, 2010

Marriage Advice. . .

So, we have FOUR children married now, and only three left! Within the next 5 years we could have ALL SEVEN KIDS MARRIED!! Wow!!

With that said, I've thought a lot in the past several months about Dad's and my marriage...the things we've learned and experienced together, the joy and happiness we STILL share even after 30 1/2 years of marriage. Here's a few of the things I've thought of:

1. Dad and I started out loving each other...a lot!! That's a great start for any marriage! ^_^ Because of that, we really wanted to make sure our marriage was a good one. From the time we were engaged, we have been interested in learning from "marriage advice" that others thought was important. We heard many versions of the "toothpaste tube being squeezed the wrong way." We learned the importance of differences and to be FLEXIBLE!! Just because you grew up with something one way, and it feels like the "ONLY WAY," don't make your "different-ness" a battle ground to die on.

Here's one example that took me awhile to learn...Dad grew up with a "dolly" and I grew up with a "hand truck." So you can imagine my need to PROVE that what he was referring to and what I was referring to was definitely NOT a was a HAND TRUCK! We didn't "fight" about it, but I wanted to prove I was right. I found several catalogs that called it a "hand truck" complete with a picture, proving my point.

Whether I was right or not, I was WRONG!! Luckily, before I drove that stupid hand truck into the ground too far, I realized my husband was getting bugged about my "know it all" -ness as he asserted a few different times "well, WE called it a dolly." And that really is the bottom line. Grandpa Hunt could have called it a "tram" and that's what it would have been to Dad. Did I honor my husband by driving the point and making it an issue? No!! However, once I became aware that I was accomplishing something I REALLY did NOT want to do, I stopped, apologized and we have learned to laugh about our different-ness. He does NOT have to call it a hand-truck, and I often find myself calling it a dolly!

Would I EVER want "being right" to be the thing that puts a wedge in my marriage. NO! Don't let it be in yours, either.

2. Kindness cannot be overrated. There are LOTS of traits that are important in a marriage: trust and love are HUGE in my book! However, I had never really thought about "kindness" until I was married to my husband. Dad has so many wonderful traits that help make our marriage wonderful. But his KINDNESS to me has reaped him HUGE rewards. I am dedicated to him, love him, admire him, and am willing to serve him and try to make his marriage to me a joy and a blessing and NEVER a regret. So many times we get what we give. What came first? The chicken or the egg? Well, I can honestly say, our marriage is as happy as it is because of the kindness of my husband.

I have said several times to the girls, "When you get married, I hope you find someone as good as your father. Look for someone who is KIND!" I truly believe that. Boys, if you will find a way to set EGO aside, and truly find a way to be kind in everything you do with or for your wife, it will come back to you an hundred-fold! It won't always be easy. There have been a few times in the past 30 years that Dad hasn't been perfect. I can't remember what they are, but there is a teeny-tiny spot in my heart that remembers, and I feel extremely grateful for a good husband who has managed, in those slip-ups, to apologize and make things right.

Now there have been TONS of times that I have been emotional, offended, WRONG, etc., but because of the kindness of my husband, of taking MY PROBLEM on his back, it has freed me up to calm down, and learn to be a kinder woman. I am indebted to my husband for eternity!!

Well, that's only the tip of the ice berg, but it will have to do for now. I have HOMEWORK TO DO!!


I love each of you SO much!! I feel very blessed to be a part of our wonderful (and growing!) family!!


September 19, 2010

Denzel's and Anna's Wedding

What a spectacular day this was!! Anna was a beautiful bride and Denzel was dashingly handsome in his dress uniform!! (And my dear friend, Judge Lynn Davis, did a great job with the wedding ceremony!!) We are SO happy for Denzel, Anna and Bridger!

And what a GREAT PARTY there was afterwards! We loved the dancing and the friends and family that were there!! Thanks everyone!! (If you DIDN'T get to be there, the slide show and video may help you enjoy the experience a bit...)

Pictures from the luncheon/reception...

September 16, 2010

Boot Ride!

Yep! I couldn't take it any longer and just HAD to go riding. Harrison did SUCH a good job getting the horses saddled, loaded, and the trailer ready to go by the time I was done teaching piano this afternoon. And we had a great ride!! Boy, the horses were sure happy to be out, too!!

It was great therapy! And my foot was happy the whole time!

September 13, 2010

I DO Have a Brain!!

Sooooo, last night I was talking to Julie Williams and heard myself say "I feel like I'm watching a tidal wave build and can see that it's going to crash on top of me!!"

After we hung up I started to think more about my words and the mental picture I had, then I thought, "Stupid woman!! If you see a tidal wave building, ready to crash on you...why don't you MOVE?!?" So, MOVE I did! I dropped 4 of my classes...and it turns out today was the last day to drop! Boy! I dodged that wave just in the nick of time. I learned enough about Access for the time being and can understand what Brandon is talking about when we discuss his program, my Economics class is put on hold until January, and Word and Publisher might have to wait til then also!

Now I'm ONLY taking piano pedagogy, piano fundamentals (theory), and Powerpoint.

I also have the STATE piano competition coming up, and the STAKE 11 year old program we're in charge of in November. I am SO grateful I honored my husband's request last year that I not do the city's parade (which I've been in charge of the last two years) since I'm still in charge of the state piano competition. The hit both at the same time and it would have been ANOTHER tidal wave coming at me in two weeks! Whew!!

On the other side of things, yesterday was Stake Conference and Dallin gave a really good talk there. He said he was nervous, but he sure didn't look or act like it. Nice job, Dal!!

Dad REALLY enjoyed going back to teaching today. When he came home he said, "Wow, being back at school reminds me how much I really enjoy teaching. It was great being back and having so many kids be glad I was back." He was tired but not wiped out. So I was glad about that!!

I got my stitches out of my foot and now it's just a two week wait (with my boot) until I can get the pin out...and hopefully get back to some normal shoes. WAHOO!!

That's all for now.


P.S. I'm starting to re-read "The Peace Giver" I highly recommend it...and I'm sure you'll hear more about it from me down the road. ^_^

September 11, 2010


(Updated slideshow with the dance pictures, too!)

Dallin was voted onto the Homecoming Royalty this here are the pics! Homecoming Parade, Homecoming Assembly, (I'm working on getting the not-the-best photographer-in-the-world video uploaded...), and the half-time at the Homecoming Football game.

Even though someone else was chosen as "King," Dal's still very "kingly" in our eyes!! And we thought Kenzie Willey looked darling as Dallin's date!!

Congrats, Dallin!

More updates...

Lest I be accused of not telling you something I told one of the other kids, and that YOU are always the LAST to know something...I'm putting it in writing, then you BETTER be advised. Right???

So, Nat first...she REALLY was a big help to Dad and I when we first had our surgeries, but we also knew she was ready to be on her own and was looking at moving to Logan. She spent a lot of time on line looking at job openings, etc. One of the places she applied was the Marriott's Springhill Suites. They liked her application, and wanted to interview her sooooo, she drove my trustee Sonata up to Logan. Before she headed back on Monday she had the job!! Hurray for Nat!! After a few days at home, and just a week post-op for me, Nat and I drove up to SLC to look at a car we had found online. The short version there is: I was feeling AWFUL when we left early Friday morning...I threw-up in Cedar! (Luckily we were able to pull off the freeway, hose me down and clean up the car before continuing on our way.) Nat bought the 1996 Hyundai Sonata, we got it inspected and registered, went out to eat, then Nat headed north to Logan, and I stopped off at Barton's in Mapleton to spend the night and try to recuperate before heading home Saturday morning.

Nat's enjoying her job and her car. The place she moved into had a really BAD feeling about it, so she moved out after the 2nd day, and is staying at Kevin and Ann Jensen's (he was my district leader on my mission...and they are friends we don't get to see very often!) while she looks for a better place! (And we are grateful Wyatt is taking good care of Natalee!)

Now, most of you know I'm taking some college classes this semester. But I thought I'd feel you in on the how & why!
I considered going back to get my bachelor's degree in Music...for about 60 seconds. And then I thought, "WHY?!?!" There are only a couple of the required classes that I really want to take...I'm 54...I don't want to teach on a college level...I don't have a ton of time I don't know what to do with...etc., etc. So I signed up for the one music class that I really wanted to take to help me be a better piano teacher.
AND THEN I TALKED TO BRANDON. . .this is all YOUR fault, son!! As we talked about some of the stuff he's involved in, he told me about ACCESS (a database computer program that I hadn't even heard of). Well, ever since Brandon and I took a "how to build a computer" class together when he was 14, we've enjoyed "talking computers." Since I didn't know anything about Access, I decided to take a class in it...and then I saw three other computer classes I really thought would be fun (Publisher, Powerpoint and Word). So, I suddenly had FOUR on-line computer classes I was signed up for in addition to my music class. AND THEN I THOUGHT, "Hmmmm, I really think an economics class could be interesting to me NOW..." so I found an on-line economics class and signed up for it. Suddenly, I'm only 3 credits short of "full-time" so I sign up for a "Music Fundamentals" class, also on-line, and THAT'S how I got to be taking 7 college classes this semester when I didn't have time to go back and get my Bachelor's Degree in Music!! Go figure!!


September 8, 2010


Over the years (from the time I was four!), I've had to learn anger management techniques! Let me see, I smashed a porcelain Model T car my parents had been given as a treasured wedding present when my dad wouldn't take me with him to the store. I remember cuz I got paddled pretty good for that.

I still have the note from my kindergarten teacher sent to my mother saying, "Mrs. Barton, Patrice is doing much better in class, but would you please ask her WHY she was jumping on the ping pong table and WHY she bit Peter?"

And then there was the time that Dan and John locked me out of the house and were laughing at me through their bedroom window. Without blinking an eye, I punched my fist through the window. Somehow I didn't get cut, AND they were the ones who got in trouble!
I could go on and on, but it's not very pretty.

Needless to say, I've worked hard to find ways to overcome my "anger issues." Several years ago I typed up this list and posted it on the fridge. It has been a good reminder to me, and I hope to you kids, of good ways to deal with anger. I'm going to print out a "small version," laminate the 3x5 card and send each of you a copy to keep in your wallet, on your desk, mirror, or FRIDGE. I think it is a wonderful reminder for us to read DAILY. It sure has helped me!


1. I will be quick to say I'm sorry and I'll be slow to get angry and take offense.

2. I will talk about my feelings. Even when it is difficult. Rather than keep them inside where they can build anger.

3. If someone doesn't understand why I'm angry, I will explain things calmly and I will not vent my anger on anyone else.

4. I will realize that everyone makes mistakes. Myself included. I will not always think I am right and everyone else is wrong.

5. I will learn to graciously say, "you might be right." – even if I'm sure they're not!

6. I will acknowledge the part I had in doing something wrong and be quick to apologize and make things right.

7. When someone has offended me, or I have become angry, I will be quick to forgive them. Even if I don't feel like it. I cannot afford the "luxury" of anger.

8. If I get angry about something, I will allow myself a few minutes to calm down and then I will apologize and/or forgive the other person. I will not allow myself to hold onto the anger.

9. Remember, having a bad attitude doesn't help anger go away. It just adds fuel to the fire!

September 7, 2010